‘The Virtuoso’ Review: The storyline punches the mentor to a shell-shocked assassin

Less than a week, right after Anthony Hopkins won the second academy award for “Father,” a dud called “The Virtuoso” arrived to make you wonder if they gave it to the wrong person. The alarming follow-up phenomenon occurs all the time (partly because people throw money into new printed respect. Which explains how Halle Berry becomes a bond girl. Or almost everything is done Melissa Leo since “The Fighter”). But rarely doing Oscar winners Has a turkey waiting on the wings to undermine career achievements.

Hopkins is not good in “The Virtuoso,” but the film surrounding it is:

This is the Thriller Cut-Late movie about Hitman without a name (Anson Mount). So busy telling the audience how professional it is – through an affirmation observation. Such as “You are a professional, an expert dedicated to time and precision”. That he is not visible to pay attention to his latest task is Settings.

The killer who ordered to live in a hut in the forest because of so many film killers (recently, Mads Mikkelsen in “Pole,” Jean Reno in “cold blood” and Barry Point “). But instead of having to fight more migrants Young with enthusiasm to speed up his retirement, this person accepted the shade duty intended to pull it out. I say shady because the mountain character has spent almost 20 minutes of narrative telling us. How carefully he is about planning his contract, so this one. Which requires him to appear on Rosie’s Roadside Cafe the following day to eliminate unknown people. It must ‘have raised some red flags.

One glow of originality in the script James C. Wolf comes from the idea that Mentor Virtuoso (Anthony Hopkins) sees this suicide mission as mercy. At first, he sent a gun hired on the task that walked to the side: pulling the trigger on the target in Mercedes red caused the driver to hit the parked RV, turned on a giant fireball that killed an innocent woman.

It’s hard to believe that this is the first time one of Virtuoso’s hit:

As it has claimed an innocent life is collateral damage. The poker-faced mountain performance does not help explain how this mistake has destroyed it as a “murder killer machine.” But delivered the Hopkins assessment through a transitional monologue of the cruelty about the cruelty carried out with Virtuoso’s father in Vietnam.

The speech was a native eye-roller (among others, asked him to imagine younger Hopkins, which would be almost 40 in the mid-70s, as an unclear American GI). Even so, it was a little less laughing than the old man’s scene back to the office, polishing his gun or complaining through four cellphones for film ideas (or maybe I should say “film idea”) of the person’s type that manages Assassins.

Director Nick Stagliano was lucky to land Hopkins, an actor. The latter was tasteful to chew. The scene made him embarrassing that the bureau. And grave were the only spots given the opportunity to graze. On the contrary, the simple budget location of this film goes to a small town. Everywhere that intends to function as Virtuoso’s final resting place. On his way, he met a beguiling woman who, based on the value of stars. Abbie Cornish played him and all efficiency, the audience could not help with assumptions that had sent to kill him. When the hit man reached Rosie, he was behind the desk, called himself Dixy, so he put it aside. Instead, they focused on a loner (Eddie Marsan), a stranger (Richard Baird). Who was oily (Dora Baird) who might all need to be killed?

All without suspicion of the local law enforcement (David Morse):

The mountain, which shows the initial promise in the film Indie 2000 “Tully”. And maybe best known as Britney Spears’ love crossroads “two years later. It has a generic look about him here – like John Travolta who is lacking. From planning but instead explained the terrible contradiction in the method. (Why go to all the difficulties of renting a long-distance mailbox if can contact you anytime by phone? And why someone who lamented the death of an innocent woman. She was fine with kill so many strangers?)

But it doesn’t happen here because everything looks flat, cheap and derivatives. Shot in a digital format that is more suitable for a small screen. Hitman’s film was a penny in a dozen in the decade after “pulp fiction”. But now they are not even worth it. Very embarrassing to see so many talented actors who waste amateur production like that. Whose title lends a sad tone of irony for the entire affair.