The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: The plot is really seen struggling to keep up and match up with the sync of the storyline

Hulu is a treatise of the story of Handmaid is too far in terms of violence and torture. While at the same time make a repeat story. A problem that combines to suggest maybe it’s time for the show. ATWOOD Margaret Book Adaptation in 1985, Tales Handmaid immediately received waves of praise from critics and audiences. While based on the novel from the previous decade, the world of Gilead and the fate of June Osborne. Aka who was rejected was (and still) unfortunately all was too relevant. In modern times but made to tell stories and strong messaging.

The Handmaid Story has long exploded where June stories end up in the book:

Which is overall covered – Save for the epilogue set in the future – in season 1. This is a risky gambit, but what can be understood; It feels like there are more than the story of June to be told and more than Gilead look. The story of Atwood wraps everything with a conference looking back at the moment. While the end of the book is one of the handmaid fairy tales (and arguably should) still use. It makes sense from the perspective on the screen to show what happens next. It made it more reasonable for upstream because of the handmaid fairy tale.

After the absence of nearly two years, the story of Handmaid. Which returned to Hulu for the 4th season in April 2021. They found themselves in a world where everything and nothing had changed. Since it was last in the air, but things in the universe were very much as before. That’s where the problem is.

The story of the 4 season handmaid picks up, not surprisingly, with the safety of June. Following the dramatic end to the 3-season handmaid fairy tale, which saw June shots. After helping some Marthas and 86 children escape from Gilead for Canada, June was in trouble. Fortunately, fellow Handmaid has the right combination of tools and skills to sew it back; He isn’t so good like new, but it’s enough to make his back stand up and be ready to rage more. A company plot like that is a minor in a large scheme of things. And of course, there is nothing new for handmaid stories or other prestige shows; They are somewhat necessary to move everything because June clearly must survive. That’s what happens after it presents more problems.

While at the Agriculture Commander, Keyes present several new storytelling avenues:

And new storey characters – including (understandable) 14-year-old wife who killed Esther. Not long before returning to the familiar land. June was arrested by Gilead forces and tortured for information. And it wasn’t long after (in the same episode, even) that June frees it once again. This is a handmaid story cycle that has been involved. Put in hell, and then escaped for the rally, leading and fighting, to end – with a choice – back the same evil clutch. Because June could not leave Gilead without his daughter, Hannah. It feels as if the story has spun, without the right direction; The struggle is a boost and pulls where no one gives, so everything remains silent.

June wants to bring Gilead down, but he needs to save his daughter first.

At the same time, he is the number 1 public enemy and the mythical inspiration and rebellion figure; Che Guevara from Gilead. But the symbol does not always make great characters, or at least, not by the way the handmaid fairy tale has built June into one when he survives more than that seems possible. He can’t go / won’t leave the battle, and they will / will not be romance with Nick, both never seem to end.

It can even say that the show has exceeded June. However, in the Handmaid 4 story season, episode 3 kills several characters, including Alma, one possibility like that. The Handmaid Story caught in the Cycle of the story of June (and misery), considering it feels trapped, unlike the dead people running for years, and that means a story that has ever felt very strong and aimed at some of the two elements.