The Kingdom Review: The first episode of the series has many heavy lifts to do, including all characters and their situation

In the window of the school building / large hostel, lantern lights took place. A boy climbed a lot of stairs to the attic, where young boys hid.

The plot of The Kingdom:

We were introduced to Emilio Vázquez Pen (Diego Peretti) by the way his daughter Ana (Vera Spinetta). Who was in one of the dormitory rooms with Julio Clamens (Chino Darín). They were involved in a secret affair that caused Ana to get pregnant. They must be secret because Julio is still in debt to Emilio. A famous televangelist who runs the Vice President of Argentina. With tickets with Armando Badajoz (Daniel Kuznigiafa).

When Ana slipped back to her room, she went to her mother Elena (Mercedes Morán). Who knew Ana was up to something. When Elena rejoined Emilio in their room, she breastfed black eyes. Elena wants Julio out of the residence, but Emilio still wants to take him.

In preparation for a large campaign rally that night. Badajoz told the campaign manager, Rubén Osorio (Joaquín Furriel). To lower Emilio’s speech, touting Jesus’ love in the Republic. Badajoz hates Religious rhetoric Emilio and regrets that Rubén insisted that the pastor is on a ticket.

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We cut to bed with several weapons placed on it.

A man who seems crazy, with a massive cross on his back. Chooses a dagger that shuts down with the cross. We saw him leave Emilio school and headed towards the campaign. Even though protesters tried to disturb the rally, the two candidates insisted on continuing. The two of them were on stage. When Emilio suddenly bent the robe he was wearing. Who said “Jesus saved” on it, behind Badajoz. Suddenly, the crazy man tied the stage and stabbed Badajoz behind. We are not sure if he just saw the cape. And the attack intends for Emilio or not. But Badajoz collapses and could not be revived.

District lawyers, Roberta Candia (Nancy Duplaá), investigated this case respectfully from Emilio and his family. But something about a murder did not suit him. He initially thought that the killer was crazy beans. But his assistant returned with the information. That he was a visitor to the church and teacher at Emilio School.

Rubén felt that the best thing that the campaign can do is damage control. This means that Emilio will rise to the ticket, despite the lack of political experience.

During the first episode, it is complicated to handle what happened in the kingdom.

There is a singleton of the moving part. And the main moving section is not well defined. The moving part is Emilio and his family. At the end of the first episode, we did not know much about him, his service or school. We know that there are children there. And that one student hides what is best described as a passenger. We know that the killer works at school and may or may not have it for Emilio.

But no one comes together enough for us to know. ​​What Emilio will bring to the campaign as the head of the ticket. He is a zealot, to make sure. But how many zealot people? Is he a Jim Bakker level bean accused of hiding Covid fake 30 years. After embezzlings from his old ministry? It feels like Elena runs a show behind the scenes. But what is the influence, and does Emilio more than a doll? How did he get the black eyes?

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The Verdict:

We understand how the Creator of the Show, Marcelo Piñeyro and Claudia Piñeiro. Might want to keep the family secrets under the wrap for some episodes. Still, we were given a little information in the first segment to find out who and their relationship with each other was difficult. Too much happens with a bit of information. In fact, at the end of the episode, we seem to know more about DA, Roberta Candia, who has been frustrated with the failed IVF treatment.

Without understanding what is really at stake, it isn’t easy to connect with one character. And, if you can’t connect with characters, the opportunity to watch more episodes is pretty much zero.

There was so little character development in the first episode of the kingdom that we found very little about the character or implications of the nomination of Emilio’s surprise.