“Cooking With Paris” Review: Show sees the beneficiary prepare ‘dinners’ of sparkle and gold with any semblance of Kim Kardashian

Are you wondering how people can be completely confused with wild onions? Does anyone know exactly what the stirrer looks like?

Or “tongue”? Would someone wash a turkey in the bottled water? Or should it all be the part of a carefully prepared act of an idiot rich girl that the host has been doing for 20 years?

All of these questions and more came up as we watched Paris Hilton craft the main course. When we use the word “nutrition” broadly to include cereal, bread and caviar moulds.

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In her new Netflix series Cooking With Paris. . “I like to cook, but I’m not a trained cook,” he explained at the beginning. One of those things is true. But I’m sure Hilton, who believes that an edible glitter is a food group, doesn’t like cooking as much as I would want a little mouse dog to break into my pocket.

This note may need explaining to younger readers now that the early ’00s were almost two decades ago, not 10 minutes ago.

Social worker Hilton, who belongs to a family of hospitality tycoons, took advantage of modelling at Donald Trump’s agency and leaked s*x tapes around the world as a reality star. He and his then-girlfriend Nicole Richie made a name for themselves with “The Simple Life”.

They tried to show low-wage workers that they weren’t good at it and were very happy that they weren’t the people they should be.

Hilton goes to every party in every newspaper, adorned with pink accessories and accompanied by at least one little Chihuahua in a small bag. She is a fan of the Barbie dream, a magnet for the brand, and won millions. He was silent for a while (we went through a musical interlude), but now he’s back.

After testing the waters with several cooking videos on YouTube, a series was created in which Hilton invited friends – from the inimitable Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato (“We met 13 years ago on Ellen’s birthday”) to the little-known comedian.

Nicki Glaser – until she’s in the kitchen. The second group of guests were there to admire Hilton and to express. Their suspicions that they were allowed into their home for the privilege of making “oil unicorns”. R*pe with edible light and that someone else was doing it elsewhere at the table set, which is suitable.

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Things get strange from time to time. No (only) Hilton has only four available sentences (“So good”, “So shocking”, “Crazy”, “So cute”), but her presence is lethal.

The monotone voice, the silent face, the gentle movements that have developed throughout life without disturbing the hair or the toilet – draw the vitality of the whole show. Kardashian saved her episode by being recognizable and wanting to laugh, and Lovato – although almost as confused as a kitchen ingredient as Hilton – did.

The final episode featuring Paris’ sisters Nikki and mother Cathy is an exploration of it all. In the money (at one point, Cathy ate gold, and I can only commend everyone’s decision to let it go).

In a celebrity (sisters gasp in horror when Cathy tries to bend down. And speak with her mouth full instead of staring at her forever on camera).

With mother and daughter; in the rivalry between brothers and sisters and all the points between them. Interestingly, the distinctive Parisian sound of a baby breathing disappears when disturbed, but where the real and fake Paris begins and ends has remained a question for centuries.

At least some of their parity, like their vote, has to do. But what have we been up to since he collected the lead in the blender. In such a way that the plug was spinning – as it really was – and nearly ripped his eye out? Is this Stanislavski in action or a sign of a pretty deep misunderstanding of the world?

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Act on the level of genius, or how would you become. If you have been offended by such a thick layer of money from the day you were born. Like generations of your family before you? Did the mask eat your face or have more meaningless questions that never asked? Listen to learn a little more, but still be amazed.