Teddy Review: A teddy exceptionally goes on a mission to reunite Sayyeshaa with her soul

Shakti Soundar Rajan, known for his outstanding movies, made a disappointing entrance to his filmography with Teddy.

The storyline and plot of the Teddy:

Shakti Soundar Rajan is an exciting filmmaker just because he wants to try his hands at different kinds and concepts.

He introduced the Tamil public to zombies in Miruthan, space exploration at Tik Tik Tik. He is now talking about the body’s experience in his final liberation plush, which landed directly on Disney Hotstar.

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Unlike most filmmakers, Shakti Soundr Rajan is smart when dealing with high-end concepts because it takes a movie B to tell these stories. The result is mainly stupid but always quite entertaining since most filmmakers do not take this path.

Sayyeshaa plays Sri Vidya, a young student who has a rare blood group. While helping a motorist in an accident, she undergoes an injury. She is quickly admitted to a hospital where she becomes a gang victim that negotiates in living organs. When Sri becomes comatose, his soul is transferred to a giant plush bear.

A shameless copy of Mark Wahlberg’s teddy bear’s stuffed bear. Who is looking for Shakti (Arya), a solitaire with Albert Einstein’s intellect? To save a lot like her from the band that works in Azerbaijan? The rest of the story is all about whether Shakti manages to help Teddy meet his body and end the Mastermind behind the gang.

As a concept, Teddy sounds quite exciting.

A teddy bear speaking team with a lonely with some excellent combat skills to stop a gang of organ trafficking. Take decent sections of action. It could have been a commercial solid action flick.

Unfortunately, Teddy did not cash in his promising plot and move away with his idiotic execution. The initial shots between Teddy and Shakti are fun and would use children.

But if you take these initial moments, there are not many things in the movie. When the story is located in Azerbaijan, it becomes lower than we can not imagine. Making a movie B on such a concept goes well, but it does not always work in favor of the film when you take audiences for granted.

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Arya manages a decent screen presence. With a poker face, it offers a very restricted performance. This is the kind of performance that we have rarely seen from him.

If you go out of Arya, there is no other performance to chat. Passing through the promos, he passes through a villain with an extensive network. However, the film only gets 3-4 scenes and does not make anything impact.

She is also injured in her attempt. While accompanying the injured person in the hospital in an ambulance, the hospital staff offers to give him his first aid.

The evil hospital employees who drug it and a fight during this state induced by the drug ends with his mind that leaves his body. His wandering spirit takes refuge in a plush teddy bear.

A few minutes later, she, in the body of a teddy bear, finds herself in a tourist train almost empty, where Shiva fights some bad guys to protect the dignity of a helpless woman. And just like that, Srividya finds his Savior in Shiva.

Rajan seems to have a problem grasping the meaning of “a race against time”.

Almost all of its films revolve around a situation that requires the protagonist’s undivided attention and effort to prevent an imminent disaster. The director seems to take care of two hoots in urgent situations and refuses to change the pace of his films.

His narrative model was the same thing in Mitunen, a film on a Zombie Apocalypse and Tik Tik Tik, where an asteroid strikes the Earth. The characters of his films rarely feel the tension of a crisis that unfolds, thus denying the moments of the audience’s headquarters.

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That said, Rajan’s special effects and VFX team has done a solid job with the tel plush bear character. The work of the CG on the plush bear conversation and walking is transparent and very credible.

But, it’s not enough to support this movie. It should have been a melting pot of all things to action: non-stop transmitters, hand hunting sequences, hand-fighting, a rifle by hand, and of course, combat sequences.

Instead, we get a dental love story that squeezes all the enthusiasm and tension of great ideas such as the racket of international human organs, the experience out of the body, the memory Eidertic, and the last But not the slightest, walk and speak plush.