Tattoo Redo Review: You got a bad tattoo done we’ll get it correct for you

The host Jessimae Peluso, who “has many bad tattoos,” tells the audience. “What happens when the person you love has the Tattoo you hate? You took them here and we covered them!”

In each episode of Tattoo Redo, three people carry loved ones:

The friends, couples, SOS – to the tattoo studio trying to get one of the most embarrassing tattoos they are closed. The twist is that the person who brings the person he loves to choose. And help design tattoos and the person. Who gets it will not be able to see it until it’s finished.

Five Top Tattoo Artists in Studio: Matt Beckerich, Rose Hardy, Tommy Montoya, Miryam Lumpini and Sparks Twig. All of which have different strengths, but all of which do a very detailed job.

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In the first episode, Matt worked at Shanequa. Whose friend Shay took him to see if a strange tattoo. The dark tattoos arrived from the 2pac Shakur tattoo artist 20 years ago could be closed. Shay decides on some flowers, including lilies, a little afraid that Shanequa won’t take girly pictures like that.

Tommy worked on Cody, whose girlfriend Mimi wanted him to cover the terrible shoulder tattoos. That are obtained by Cody when he was young and drunk. At the party where someone “happened” to have a tattoo gun. This is a poem that has the word “cum” in it. Twice. Tommy and Mimi planned a higher skeleton on mushrooms to cover the terrible poem.

Stanley and Christopher next; met Rose because Christopher:

They wanted Stanley to cover the Tattoo commemorating Stanley’s first marriage, which now failed. What is Christopher picking? The knife passed through the growling black cat’s head, of course.

There are several reasons why Tattoo Redo is more entertaining than we expected. The first is Peluso, which is not only funny like the host and the show narrator. But a large number of tattoos make it sympathetic to people. Who have lousy ink and people who want lousy ink throwing? He even got one of his bad tattoos covered in an episode. Showing how he trusted artists and people who wanted tattoos to leave.

One other reason why the show was very entertaining was a terrible tattoo range. When they were young, stupid and drunk. In one episode, a mother of five showed off. The tramp stamp was drawn very roughly who said, “making love to you”; He has had it since he was 14 years old. In the same episode, a woman shows a forearm tattoo. That should be lipstick, but her boyfriend looks like a “penis dog.”

The third reason why the entertaining show is those tattoo artists is excellent in what they do. Yes, we know that a process that requires hours, between designing, drawing templates. Then signing images to the client, the possibility of making everyone in the studio for 12 hours or more. But the fact that five artists can do detailed jobs in such a short time. We are not tattooed in any way. But if we get a tattoo, we will get it from one of these five artists.

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They use colour well and give their permanent artwork on their skin.

Because of all of these elements. Redo Tattoo is well designed for binging. And episodes are designed for watching in any order. You are introduced to returning to the artist’s flagship during each episode.

Redo Tattoo is a fun makeover event that sets the right tone by making fun of terrible tattoos. While celebrating artists who do expert work to cover them.