“Plastic Cup Boyz: Laughing My Mask Off!” Review: Kevin Hart’s relationship with Netflix developed further as three opening actions and his entourage

Joey Wells, Spank Horton and the Na’im Lynn have worked with and for the Kevin Hart that’s for more than a decade, opening for Hart while touring and appearing in sketches with him in the concert film, laughing at my pain (2011) and let me Explain (2013).

Hart took them to Comedy Central in 2015 for their first comedy showcase.

Kevin Hart served a plastic boyz. And their relationship continues to this day, clearly with this Netflix collection. Boyz also had fun with Hart at this time in the Motortrend application series called the Kevin Hart. The muscle car crew (superstar bought their group of muscle cars at the end of the irresponsible tour in 2018. And twice weekly on Radio Hart’s Station Siriusxm inside Two hours of GabFest, “right from Hart.” So, if you know and like Hart, you are bound to get used to a plastic cup boyz.

He is also one of three comedians in this collection to overcome the sharpest pandemic. It is referenced in the title Netflix and all, joking about his own experience that captures Covid. Wells also asks for White America: “Can you stop comparing the mask for slavery?” Spank Horton, in his episode, introduced his slang to Covid, asking people among the audience: “Who caught 1-9?”

However, Wells spent most of his set about how his body began to betray at the age of 5.

While Horton, spinning from a series of jokes, questioned his relationship with alcohol. At one point told us: “We should not laugh at this Jokes”, for The story questioned his relationship with his two children. He called his daughter “challenged mentally” but wondered how he got a much better score than he did on the test, then revealed his frustration with his son’s hobby, whether it played the flute or riding a basketball bench.

Na’im Lynn closes the collection with the most extended trio set, clocking in just more than 39 minutes. It was different in two other ways: 1) Lynn’s young daughter stood on stage with a microphone to introduce it, and 2) its routine includes a wide range of topics, from the proper etiquette for covid, Karen, and sexual foreplay, to joke a grandmother And his father, for various observations.

There are fundamental terminations that occur here. Because each of these boyz will be happy to enjoy the success of individuals. But they remain closely related to their bright stars in Hart.

Lynn had approached making its sign:

Because he was starring in bets, Tyler Perry, living with help. Relapse in several episodes of survivor regret at Starz. And previously released a stand-up half an hour itself in Comedy Central. Back in 2012.

Horton strangely wants to talk about unemployment fraud during a pandemic, joking about how it makes more sense to file an unemployment allowance last year when you can get $ 767 instead of $ 167 per week. What has made it pay for all the time ???? Then again, Horton also thought a little bit of alcoholism he felt, even mentioning sweat above half before blaming alcohol, then took another swig that is from his red plastic cup. I hope he does finds the help that he needs.

And then there was a well, which somehow made light. Like catching Covid-19 that he made an extended joke. About hiding his symptoms from his wife. Who was genuinely irresponsible morally. Yes, it was a joke that he was worried about his wife thought. He is sick through some unfaithful ways, but did he not care about him being sick? Or anyone in the orbit of family and friends?! What message is this sent to the audience? No big deal that to get covid as long as you don’t tell anyone?! Sheesh.

If you are the solver from Kevin Hart Cinematic Universe. No one I write will block you from devouring these three shows in one sitting and scouring the whole way. If you do not know about Boyz plastic cups. I suggest you sit this and wait to see what they are doing next time.