‘Sweet & Sour’ Review: As the name goes, likewise the movie does the work

As the style of making modern films of the United States continuing the mission of one size. The last few decades of South Korea include several notable introspective works.

And while the parasitic examines classics and the myth of the increase. As well as sweet & acid explores toxic work culture that holds the quality of life permits. Although to be clear, we do not see MasterClass Bong Joon-ho here.

Like Jang-hyuk (Jang Ki-Yong) recovered from hepatitis after a hospital:

He developed a sweet relationship with his nurse, Da-eun (Chae Soo-bin). Their interplay is charming and pleases people who might think.

They are in a strange world as a well-known cousin Wes Anderson. And love inspires Hyuk to improve his life. Which gave him his dream job. But unfortunately, as a rule of ROM-drama’s request, the relationship becomes tense in the new demands of life.

Sweet plots and acid are tried and correct. But here there is authenticity from Director Kae-Byeok Lee. Editing panic and pacing Mari-road will try an unbound American viewer.

Still, South Korea is a significant reflection in the western eye. A nation-a nation with energy that makes America’s infrastructure. Which looks like we build with a sandcastle bucket.

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Lee remains dedicated to the themes (with a bright or wiping twisty plot, depending on you). Which is sweet & sour from the cute moment to the cute moment, only with things to say. Kohoraholic culture is not only an attack at the time of the individual.

But attacks on family life – consistent gases from young people. Who encourage them to destroy their personal life for unclear and unexpected success.

If you have recently had a bad separation with a work. Or drama relationship holding you hostage. Beware of sweet & sour. This is a safe watch if you are in a good headspace. But funny, panicked, sweet, and delicate philosophical. It’s far from the arthouse cinema.

But some of us want to feel ok from time to time. (Riley Gardner)

This year tests the relationship between Hyeok and Da-eun. Because he must travel between the city and the office located far away. Daily traffic, young and attractive work colleagues with him at work.

And interested but does not want to tempt back. And constantly feeling tired creates cracks in their relationship. And all that Hyeok did was forced, and Da-eun saw this.

That’s when he ended up making a mistake that there was no one in their minds. He called Da-eun Bo-young, and it was only a few days after he had to experience an abortion.

So Hyeok’s time was just terrible and constantly whining that he was tired, that he worked hard to bother him. He worked hard as a nurse so that all the great about their relationship failed in dealing with difficulties.

Not all good things will last longer if you don’t work on them. Meanwhile, Hyeok began dating Bo-Young (Krystal). All hidden frustrations and sexual tensions between them were filled.

However, Hyeok can’t forget Da-eun. Finally, when he got a reminder of the second Christmas vacation from them planned. And he saw that Da-eun hadn’t canceled the plan. He tried to propose to the same ring he had sent back.

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And this is where they twist it. What he saw in Hyeok airport shock was enough to leave the airport without trying to talk to Da-eun.

So, does that really means that he ends up with Bo-young? Of course not! Bo-young is not ready to settle down, and he even considers going abroad to learn and improve his profile.