Sherlock Season 5: Release Date, Expected Cast, and Plot

It’s no shame in admitting that we are all “Sherlocked” to the greatest detective of all time. The mind-boggling script and crafty acting by the cast make Sherlock the best crime TV show. We have thoroughly enjoyed four successful seasons of Sherlock and still eagerly wait for the fifth installment. However, the rumors in Baker Street are not very encouraging. With coronavirus and some internal politics on the set, Sherlock’s season 5 takes longer than fans like. There are a lot of uncertainties that hang like a sword. However, here’s all we know about the next broadcast of the world’s smartest man’s adventures. 

Sherlock Season 5 Release Date Forecast

Season 4 of Sherlock was aired in 2017, and there is no news about the next shooting schedule yet. Therefore, we can assume that it will take at least another year to complete season 5. We don’t expect more than four episodes in one season of Sherlock. So it’s not going to take long to complete the shooting and post-processing once the schedule is set. However, the main question still stands – will the shooting ever start? The off-set feud between the lead characters is giving nightmares to the fans.

Sherlock Season 5 Expected Cast

During Sherlock season 4, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman started developing some ill feelings towards each other. The cold war is still far from reaching an end, affecting the future of the show drastically. So a reshuffling of the cast can set things on their natural course again. Moreover, the introduction of Sian Brooke as Eurus Holmes also gives hope of a new direction for the show. We, like most of the fans, are still waiting for an official statement, though. 

Sherlock Season 5 Plot

Some fan theories are circulating in the absence of any official announcement. Most of the fans want Benedict and Martin back obviously. However, if the pair decides to keep their cold attitude intact, the show needs a new direction. As far as we know, Eurus Holmes can feature as the new lead character to carry on her brother’s legacy. It is a thought that sends goosebumps on the spines of the die-hard fans of Benedict Cumberbatch. But his schedule is also packed since his association with the Marvel Avengers as Doctor Strange. Leaving the Multiverse of Marvel for a TV project is impossible. Therefore, it’s better to keep your hope realistic. We are excited to see how Sian Brooke would give the show a new look if given a lead. Moreover, we can also watch Martin returning as the Watson because his condition of not working with Benedict will be fulfilled. 

The final decision about the plot and the cast still stays in the hands of the producers. We hope that the adventures return at least in 2022 because the audience will surely not stay lively for longer unless Benedict decides to make a comeback next year for a 2023 release.