House of Cards Season 7: Release date, Storyline & Cast Details

House of cards American political drama is a net series written by Beau Williamson and directed by Fincher. It is a drama based on US president’s characters and adapted by the novel of the same name by Michaels Dobbs in 1989.

Initially originated in 2013 February . It’s among the principal motives, which raised the prevalence of the favorite streaming platform worldwide.
The political thriller is doing good from the last six seasons. Reports say we will be getting our hands on the new season soon.

When are we getting the new season?

The show got excellent ratings on the platform; rumors say we are getting the new season soon, but it’s not official yet. Due to the running pandemic situation, it’s hard to say anything. So keep hoping, anything is possible.

The storyline of the house of cards and Achievements :

This is the story of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), is A democrat from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district, and the house majority whip, who are getting passed over for appointment as a secretary of the state, decides to exact his revenge on those who betray him. Kevin Spacey gave an exceptional performance as Frank Underwood and made his place at the viewer’s heart. Spacey received the best actor nominations at 20th Screen Actor Guild Awards, 71 golden globe awards & 18th satellite awards.

The show achieved an 8+ rating on IMDb and 75%+ on rotten tomatoes. It’s all teamwork and combines hard work of actors and production team, creating a perfect blend of efforts.
On July 18, 2013, House of cards became the first Primetime Emmy awards nominated series for original online-only web series for 65th primetime Emmy Awards and nine other nominations.

The cast of the series:

Kevin Spacey – Frank underwood
Robin Wright – Claire Underwood
Kate Mara – Zoe Barnes
Michel Kelly- Douglas

Controversies around the show:

Like other shows, the cards’ house didn’t go off because ratings, the show got a pretty good rating on the platform. It is one of the finest thriller series on the Netflix you will watch. But due to the defaming controversy, it got off the air. In last season Kevin spacey, the lead actor, got into controversies.
Lots of the actors of the series alleged him for the sexual assault & Molestation.

Anthony Rapp & Tony Montana blamed Kevin spacey for sexual harassment, so Netflix fired him from the last season.

House of the cards was famous due to Kevin Spacey, so Netflix decided to discontinue the show as it would affect its popularity & ratings.