“Saagutha Doora Doora” Review: An Emotional Story That Could Be Much Better

A good spy thriller ideally keeps the audience engrossed with its clever plot:

Based on the title of Chiranjivi’s latest film, this Kartikeya Gumaconda star lacks the thrill of a spy thriller. Through a series of spectacular actions, exciting espionage elements, and thrills.

But King Vikramarka, performed by debutant Sri Saripali, did not achieve such an effect because of his potpourri of influence combined with irrevocable qualities.

The film follows the journey of an NIA officer, Vikram (Kartikeya Gumaconda), who goes on a secret mission to solve problems with enemy Chandrasekhar (Sai ​​Kumar), the country’s interior minister.

For a big job, he must focus on missions, but his interest lies elsewhere as he falls in love with the daughter of the Minister of the Interior, Caanti (Tanya Ravichandran).

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Logic, tempo and suspense are what one would expect from such films, and Sri Saripali’s work disappoints on all three points. He tried for too long to hold the card close to his chest. But by then had done great revelation. As for the spy thriller, Raja Vikramarka is lame, considering you never get the adrenaline rush during the movie.

The predictable and straightforward story doesn’t rise above the ground. Much of the film’s problems lie in its lousy narrative, punctuated with unnecessary tunes and inadvertently entertaining dialogue that strays from the theme of the spy thriller. Emotions also don’t give a picture of character traits.

The film also suffers from predictability. They guess what will happen when Vikram and his team retrieve the most wanted arms dealer who died in a botched interrogation. Then you will know precisely what threat the daughter of an interior minister faces when her father attacks his enemy. They also know precisely what climate challenges are like for the protagonist.

It doesn’t take a genius to know where this film is headed with a plot like this.

The director never abides by the plot rules of a spy thriller and gives us one very familiar sequence after another. In one scene, Caanti asks Vikram if he is an NIA employee. Seriously, I had the same doubt!

The final and deadliest mistake in King Vikramarka is the strange backdrop of why Guru Narayan (Pasupati) wants to take revenge on Chandrasekhar. Kartikeya is expressive and can play a vital role in this film. He underwent massive physical training to get into the character’s skin and display the results on the screen. He did his stunts well and had fun studying comics.

Sai Kumar hasn’t left his comfort zone and is doing well. The film doesn’t offer much opportunity for Tanya Ravichandran to reveal the nuances of her performance. Sudhakar Komakula looks serious in his portrayal, while Tanikella Bharani, who plays high-ranking officer Vikram, accidentally has funny lines. Harsha Vardhan feels her presence in a naive role.

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King Vikramarka doesn’t offer the wow moments one would expect from a spy thriller with a sleek but predictable storyline.

The climax of the film is why his mother left Ashu. After a pause, the entire film elicits an element of curiosity. For a son, Nandini (Apeksha) leaves her mother and accompanies her.

When he visits his mother because he cheated on Nandini, he kills himself with humiliation. It also crosses the line of repentance. You will meet him there. The little boy had a mother and watched a movie to find out what he was doing.

The narrative style of the film is outstanding, and the cinema unleashes curiosity without getting bored everywhere. Dialogue between films is essential. Navin Kumar’s appearance was well received. Mahesh Sidhu’s performance is impressive, and his characters come alive.