“One December Night” Review: Where Bruce Campbell and Peter Gallagher played retired singers

Steve Bedford (Bruce Campbell) and the Mike Sullivan (Peter Gallagher) are retired country/folk/rock duo. The hit machine once known as Bedford & Sullivan.

The couple (I think Brooks & Dunn are weirdly dating Mumford & Sons). Who gave up 10 years ago, and the breakup was tough. And Mike became a little lonely after his wife died. They don’t have the best relationship with each other! Steve has been touring solo for the last 10 years, singing all of Mike’s songs.

And that’s why his upcoming Christmas concert is something special:

This is a big deal to be broadcast live on national television! Their children Jason Bedford (Brett Dalton) and Quinn Sullivan (Eloise Mumford), are supposed to fight Steve’s ego and Mike’s disinterest. And if you thought Jason and Quinn would have that experience.

Without realizing they were more than just childhood friends, then you’ve never seen a Hallmark holiday movie! Both does work in the field of music industry, so they have both personal and professional reasons. To make sure their father reconciles in time to (gently) appear on live television.

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The whole cast was fantastic, but I was impressed with Brett Dalton. The man gave up all Marvel agents for S.H.I.E.L.D. More and more stoic and evil heroes play. Who would have thought that he could also play a credible romantic lead role. Especially so compelling that you forget how he told him. And Coulson and his team after the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. betrayed?

So this movie is good. It would be best if you remembered that “One December Night” is a slightly different Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film. From the more elaborate Hallmark Channel.

These films deviate from the Roman Committee’s path and go their way. Including storylines and genre rhythms unrelated to typical films. Like last year’s Holly & Ivy, One December Night is more than just a good Hallmark holiday film. This is a movie I want to watch every year now.

Much of the success came from the cast of Bruce Campbell and Peter Gallagher.

Mike of Gallagher is, of course, the gloomy fool and Steve of Campbell the arrogant and haughty – at least at first! They are perfect for the role and the perfect slide for each other.

They have a similar yet contrasting energy that One December Night uses in fun and surprising ways. This film pushes the two men out of their comfort zone and shows. The sides of Campbell and Gallagher that we don’t see often. I mean, did the dramatic scene with Bruce Campbell get emotional? Yes, yes, it happened.

And then there’s Dalton and Mumford. Who is just as great as the hot, career-friendly romance characters. That we’re used to seeing in Hallmark movies (on both networks). They’re a solid pair, solid enough to quickly make a movie whose desire/reluctance is Plot A. We understand romance, but we can see them playing with their movie dad. No matter how they are paired – Dalton and Campbell, Gallagher and Mumford, Dalton and Gallagher, Mumford and Campbell, etc. – every scene brings emotion.

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But what makes December Night a must-see for Hallmark this year is the history. The cast is excellent, and many Hallmark films rely on their always-on presenters. But “One December Night,” told a story I couldn’t predict, which intrigued me. Steve and Mike are complex men with flaws who are both at a turning point; There are several nuances in their relationship and how they are affected by this high pressure and extraordinary social situation.

Towards the end of the film. I started to reflect on the symbolism of Mike Sullivan being forced to sing a song. About his late wife or losing his family home (aka overcoming grief or alienation from those still there for you). I think about symbolism during Hallmark films and mystery films – and the thing is, it’s justified.

The film is as good as you’d expect it to be. And could Bruce Campbell and Peter Gallagher play husbands next year?.