Remy Ma Just Bleached Her Hair Blonde And The Internet Is Going Crazy

Remy Ma just uploaded some pictures of her new blonde look and people are loving it. She is one of the most famous MCs of the 90s and she knows how to keep people talking about her. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, people are going crazy over Remy Ma’s new post in a yellow top and attractive blonde hair.

While most of the comments were complementing Remy Ma, there were some negative comments pointing fingers towards an allegation. According to the article “Remy Ma Debuts Stunning Bleach Blonde Hair”, a person commented criticizing Remy Ma by saying “I swore she was darker tho?. She wears good makeup, got her skin tone all lighter!! When she darker than me”.

To be honest, this comment seems to be a racist one because it is pointing fingers at Remy Ma’s skin color. First of all, it doesn’t seem like in any way that she has bleached her skin. Also, even if she has done so, it is her choice and we should not decide if it’s the right thing to do or not. Everyone has his/her own life and choices and we must respect them.

Moving further, many fans defended Remy Ma with comments like “Hair color may have something to do with that, and I make you look a bit lighter. I don’t get where they said you bleached oat. Still looks brown to me ??‍♀️?Such an Amazing and Beautiful person… Keep showing them how it’s done ❤️”. Another fan defended her by saying “I don’t think it’s her makeup that’s making her “look” lighter. It’s the color of her clothes and the lighting. if y’all are TRUE fans, y’all know damn well she ain’t bleaching away her melanin magic!”.

The list of fans defending her doesn’t stop there. There are other comments as well including “Exactly and blonde hair, when mine is lightened I’m always asked am I tanned. So different hues it looks different. @remyma is beautiful regardless, those folks thrive off of negativity. In case you missed the memo I love you from way back Awesome look good evening ? ?, congratulations on everything.” and many many more.

Well, if she has bleached her skin or not, it’s completely her choice. What do you think about Remy Ma’s new and attractive look? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below.