Quezzy The CEO – Motivator and Certified Life Coach

How he became a motivational speaker from a Pimp? All who know Quezzy The CEO desperately wanted an answer for this. So he answered this question and below is what all he said.

“Your personality dictates the person you are and the person that you become.”

He was always a strong-willed individual and being young he took a lot of risks, did a lot of things which he is not proud of. Five years ago he was arrested and sent to federal prison being a pimp. The charge itself was called interstate transportation for prostitution. For 7 – 8 years of his career as a pimp he had over 63 women who lived and worked with him. The woman living with him was treated as his wife. They were the ones he cared about and also their families knew him.

He was trying to live a life of luxury making $7000 a night and he thought he was on the top of the world. The whole time he had a mindset that he was doing this so that he could get to a level where he could start some business, maybe travel or doing the things that everybody wants to do.

He also told that the lifestyle he was living in was not as glamorous as he let on to be. It was a very stressful experience. He made a lot of money but normally he could make as little as $300 trying to figure out whether he was going to sleep that night or not. There came a point where he knew he was wasting his talent, he was wasting his potential in the things which he was doing.

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TAG A FRIEND AND SHARE! Even though we have all lost so much throughout our lives, I don't think we will ever get used to the feeling that loss brings. The loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, the loss of an opportunity, the loss of a relationship, all can lead you spiraling into the abyss of depression. Sometimes we feel so bad that we foolishly say that we have nothing left to lose. But there is always more that you can lose. But there is an upside. There is a silver lining. No matter how much you feel like your gas has run out, you always have something left in the tank. That is where a positive attitude comes into play. It pays to be optimistic. It pays to have faith. Especially during those times when you feel like you have lost everything. During those hard times the only thing you have left is your faith. Faith that things are going to get better. Faith that you will make it through your hard times. Faith that you weren't created to constantly struggle for the rest of your life. Faith will take you a long way. Having Faith in God, faith in yourself, and faith in others will help ease the anxiety that the heartaches of a difficult life can bring. Having faith doesn't mean that you won't ever feel depressed. It doesn't mean that you won't feel stressed and mentally and emotionally depleted. But it does mean that you know that without a doubt you will be able to make it! It means you will deal with the worst as it comes, but you are always looking forward to the best. Never lose faith. Never give in to the negativity! #quezzytheceo #positivityismypurpose #faith #havefaith #faithful #optimistic

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One day as he was standing on his balcony in Miami Florida, asking God “Please give me something that I can do that is worthy of myself and you.” He said to himself, ” I don’t want to do this anymore. ” He did not know his words made such an impact that day as the very next day the police arrived banging on his door ready to escort him to the federal penitentiary. At that time he was devastated, his lawyers told him that he could do thing except life in prison as there was no other option left for him.

Then he started researching his own legal research, trying to save his life by spending the rest of his life in prison. It showed him that he had the will and the ability to truly do extraordinary things. It all changed from facing life imprisonment to facing 5 years in jail. This was all possible because of the time and mind he put in his research and not his lawyer.

It made his parents proud that their son could do that. Read, learn and really focus. He wrote journals every day and he wrote business ideas every day trying to put together different things that he might want to do when he gets out.

This led to a new start, his Instagram page which he started. After getting out of prison his main concern was to keep his head together. He started posting motivational quotes and memes on Instagram for himself so that whenever he was feeling low he could look at those quotes and feel motivated. Over time people started following, he started receiving messages in his inbox. People told him they were getting inspired and motivated by the things he was posting and that in turn inspired him to keep posting them.

People started asking his advice on different opinions, on different life situations and things that were going on in their lives. He helped them and gave them his advice which really helped them get some clarity. That’s how the whole thing was born. “The Quezzy’s Series” was born.

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