“Rawkto Rawhoshyo” Review: Can Rare Blood Types Affect One’s Life?

Yes, this is possible because there are related problems such as B. Accidents requiring blood and ordinary blood cannot be obtained. No, because this is not a disease, but a genetic trait that can only be alarming when a pregnant woman and a man do not know about the blood group of the unborn child.

The story features a four-year-old boy at the centre of the story.

The Rhesus factor (Rh) is a natural protein found on the surface of red blood cells. If your blood contains protein, you are Rh-positive. If your blood lacks protein, you are Rh-negative. Rh-positive is the most common blood type.

However, the story’s core lies in the journey of young Swarnaja (Koel Mullick). Who works as a radio jockey but has “golden blood” with a rhesus factor. He receives a strange phone call while running his program under the catchy name “Jaa Icche Tai” (whatever you want).

On the other hand, the voice seemed to belong to a child asking how to send a letter to God. This sets the tone of tension. Svarnaya decided to solve the problem with the call, and the caller and his story started cutting, changing and moving different songs.

It is a hyperlinked multi-story film that challenges the concepts of time and eternity in the lives of several Calcutta people. The story of the anchor is about a strange and lonely artist (Subhashish Mukherjee). And a newspaper clipping collector who has a magic paint box paints spiral circles on his photos or newspaper sheets. By marking entry and exit points for the viewer, who checks the drawing or clippings. Newspaper and went out to enter it.

Her second film, Rainbow Jelly (2018), presents an original perspective on the relationship between and between food, fantasy, and 13-year-old boy Ghoton, who has an IQ and was expelled from public school. It’s a modern tale that uses surrealism to weave a beautiful tale of how food magically changes the life of a raped, neglected and abused orphan who is also the heir to a secret treasure.

Rawkto Rawoshyo is a story of human conflict in a kind, sophisticated woman:

Who allows others to lead and prefer to follow. The real value of this philosophy is shrouded in suspense, murder, thrill and more. The entire film is told in the voice of Swarnaja’s younger brother, Babay (Rwitobroto Mukherjee) who falls in love with his sister and is very worried about her.

Ghosal emphasized Svarnaja’s human values ​​as a very kind young woman who always wanted to help others. For example, there are recurring scenes where Zvarnaya allows someone else to get off the elevator before he does or steps aside to help someone. She is very vulnerable, which causes a lot of suffering from a brief affair with Shammo (Chandan Roy Sanyal), the man she met at the gym, and how she gets caught up in another exploitation scheme that she sticks to because he doesn’t know the truth.

The rhesus factor in Swarnaja’s blood led to the opening of a large-scale international extortion trade:

With children and surrogate children. The director has effectively combined all these seemingly disparate factors to coalesce into a captivating thriller. That essentially revolves around how Swarnaja’s path changes from her innocent and benevolent generosity. To worldly wisdom and a determined woman. Who rises to the challenge of discovering some truth. About himself, he lives through a mysterious phone call that takes him out of his comfort zone.

The film also pays homage to a single mother. The threads range from the golden blood factor to a brief love affair. To a mother and daughter reunion, different emotions, relationships, betrayal, love and motherhood. The director wore a red sweater that Svarnaja’s late mother gave him as a gift, key to his secret. There are also mentions of certain qualities of rice that help catch criminals.