“Pretty Smart” Review: Where she moves her carefree sister to Harvard City and Zimmer in Los Angeles

In a cute-looking Los Angeles home, a shirtless cut makes hair curl, and a man looks at his cell phone (in the case of his photo), clicks on the remote and says, “It’s not on TV.” A cooking blonde came in and said, “Hi everyone!

Claire (Olivia McLean) and her roommates:

Demanding coach and ex-boyfriend Garant (Greg Sulkin). Social media influencer Jaden (Michael Hsu Rosen) and lawyer Solana (Cynthia Carmon). He moved to Los Angeles to be with his girlfriend. When he started a new job at USC, but he stayed with Claire for a few days. The two were close, but Chelsea pulled away from Claire after their parents divorced. That is happy that Claire is Chelsea’s sister, Osment, with her still you.

Chelsea had just graduated from Harvard and was already looking for her sister’s bladder when she arrived. Grant hugs, but Chelsea marvels at his body. He’s a little sad, too but in a lovable way. He hits everyone, but there’s a lot to be done, especially if Claire wants to paint a puffy t-shirt design like they did it on her 7th birthday.

By the end of her first day out there, Claire went crazy. He is called by his girlfriend, who tells him that he has finished his work at Harvard. That he will not be moving to Los Angeles, and drop her off. This was after he supported her during her graduate studies. Claire has an idea: Chelsea can live with him! While Chelsea didn’t like this idea, there was nowhere else to go.

After an argument, the two contact the swollen paint:

With Chelsea explaining why she pulled away from Clare. It wasn’t that Clare wasn’t as brilliant as she was; it was because he didn’t want Claire to get involved in her parents’ divorce drama.

Pretty Smart, Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand the creators, looks like one of those series that will take some time to find their comedic voices and figure out who all the characters are. The first episode essentially reproduces the story’s outline: the shrewd Harvard diplomat moves in with his less intelligent sister and roommate, and his happiness should follow. But by the coming end of the first episode, there were signs that this wouldn’t always be the case and that the creators, both veterans of How I Met Your Mother, had a few character development tricks up their sleeves.

However, the first few scenes are pretty tricky to capture:

As Chelsea and Claire are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Claire spouts nonsense for the class she met her boyfriend. And Claire just gave him the words she thought she heard. On the other hand, Claire couldn’t deliver the right food to the right customers waiting for the table. And not just the sisters; When Chelsea said Dean wasn’t “the sharpest tool in the barn,” Dean went to see if they had a barn.

So, yeah, nothing high comedy; You wouldn’t confuse this show with Ted Lasso or Just Murders in the Building. But at the end of the first episode, there is a character change which tells us that Dolgen and Mand are thinking more about this story. All Claire does want is to be close to her sister again, and she may be stupid, but she is hardworking, takes care of herself, and is curious and kind to her customers. Dean is a somewhat sloppy philosopher who gives Chelsea a random metaphor for the scales and tools that keep her with Claire. Jaden is a good friend. We don’t know much about Solana, but that will happen soon.

We expect Chelsea to shed its intellectual facade.

It must consistently reject and condemn and accept and be warm-hearted. We see this towards the end when he admits to Dean that he is indeed a drug addict who religiously monitors Jaden’s diet. As he becomes acquainted with his new roommate, we’ll see the full potential of Osment’s ability to host the classic series featured in the first episode. Hopefully, the Dolgen and Mand staff will write about this talent and not make it “one of the gang” from episode two onwards.

But it’s only thanks to Osment’s leadership and hopes. That the characters in Pretty Smart will have some extreme quirks. As the band and Chelsea begin to bond.