“Raja Vikramarka” Review: Actor Kartikeya Gumakonda is a secret agent with a sense of humour

The film RX100 made Kartikeya Gumaconda a star and has remained in shape ever since. His last voyage, Raja Vikramarka, was no exception.

Ruled by Sri Saripali, Raja Vikramarka saw Kartikeya in the lead role:

As an undercover NIA agent with a sense of humour. His boss, Mahendra (Tanikela Bharani), assigns him to defend a police officer. Who becomes Minister of Home Affairs Chakravarti (Sai ​​Kumar) from gangster Guru Narayan (Pasupati).

Kanti (Tanya Ravichandran) is the only daughter of Chakravarti and falls in love with Vikramarka. The young officer thwarts Guru Narayan’s plan to harm Chakravarti, but the gangster kidnaps Kanti for revenge. How the protagonist saves Kanti from a con artist is the focus of the story.

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This story is filled with death and offers nothing new. Even though the film is a spy drama. It’s clear that the director focused on enough laughter to keep the audience interested. He didn’t even manage to deliver the thrill audiences had come to expect from a spy thriller. The comedy, however, brought films belonging to actors Tanikella Bharani and Harsha Vardhan.

Tanya Ravichandran’s character gave her no leeway.

She created the role of Raja Vikramarka, especially for Kartikeya. She surpassed him with a moment just right for the comics. A talent like Pasupathy is lost here and entertains everyone with his acting skills in Sarpatta Parambarai.

People still don’t like the thought of going to the movies. And it hurts to see a space for all kinds of movies. Raja Vikramarka coming out this Friday, has a very famous storyline but is presented refreshingly. Writing a script and creating a thriller wasn’t easy based on an NIA agent and staff.

A slight failure to understand the characters can lead to the collapse of the whole story. Debut director Sri Saripali created stories with commercial material for Telugu audiences. And emphasized not on the protagonists but each character; He also ensured that there were no gaps in the script. And that the antagonists also left room for intrigue and suspense.

Kartikeya, struggling with scenario choices, comes here.

As usual, he trains his muscles and his brain and impresses both as a romantic and as an NIA agent. He worked for Tanikela Bharani, who impressed both with his odd timing and as a senior officer.

Vikramarka falls in love with Kanti (Tanya), the Minister of Home Affairs (Sai ​​Kumar). Kanti ignored the fact that Vikrmarka was a BIN employee tasked with protecting the interior minister. Who was being chased by the antisocial element of Guru Narayan (Pasupati).

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While the film’s first half is lively and exciting. The second half draws your attention to the story with a few twists and turns. You see it coming, but you still find it attractive. The songs are kept to a minimum, the dialogue is well written, and the film impresses its technical prowess.

The action scenes are well shot, which gives the thriller credibility. This story has an excellent supporting cast like Harshavardhan and the surprise of Sudhakar Kommakula returning with a significant role. This film is a great watch and a full review from the writing department.

Overall, Raja Vikramarka is a fine thriller after making a lot of promises with its stunning trailer and boisterous promotion. Although there is no seriousness in operation, especially in the first half, the second half.

After showing some promise after a return break. It loses the audience’s interest with a predictable story. That doesn’t offer anything new that makes the film look like a regular Telugu film. This weekend you can catch a movie about Kartikeya and some well thought out action series.