‘Queen Bees’ Film Review: Impressive comic ensemble is the only reason to see this golden age com

A love story set at a retirement home is a sweet premise, and when you accumulate players like Ellen Burstyn, James Caan, Jane Curtin, Ann-Margret, Christopher Lloyd, and Loretta Devine, greatness.

But in the director of Michael Lembek’s “Bee Queen,” the nature of the script that is too simple becomes pragmatic and detrimental. It never allows the character of whatever depth they owe while providing enough from the formula plot, which does not ask you to enjoy the ensemble.

Helen (Burstyn) was an independent woman in her 80s.

However, her daughter Laura (Elizabeth Mitchell, “Lost”) and Grandson Peter (Matthew Barnes, “Strange Angel”) was increasingly worried about his life alone.

Matriarch constantly rejected his daughter’s suggestion about moving to the nearest retirement community to Helen’s day, accidentally burning his kitchen. He finally agreed to live in the pension community for one month until he finished the repair of his house.

Helen quickly learned who was the bad girl from Pine Grove. By reaching for the wrong side of Janet (Curtin). While making friends with Margot (Ann-Margret) and Sally (Devine).

Immediately Helen found she not only enjoyed her time at Pine Grove. But also began to consider love again after she met. And was imposed by the latest residents of the community and (Caan).

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Ellen Burstyn and James Caan Rom-com ‘Queen Bees’ Buzz for Gravity Ventures

From the visual style to storytelling, “Queen Bee” enveloped himself in simplicity and served as a warm dish from tasty food with some microwave flavors. Dara Wishingrad’s production designer (“photo”) paints the world of Helen in a superb pastel tone – so much so that when a warm hue appears in the scenes then to imitate the feeling of falling and being in love.

It does feels like its a different film and not intentionally way. Cinematographer Alice Brooks (“in height”) sometimes shoots the pension community to look like at the hotel. Which only does contributes to the flatness of the relationships that form there.

Based on the story by Harrison Powell, the Hallmark Veteran Donald Martin script reads. Like the early wannabe-aughts Nancy Meyers, with a subplot of “Taming of the Shrew,” which is less misogynistic. The lack of substance in writing is the most obvious in the portrayal of women’s friendship.

These relationships always represent complex dynamics, but “queen bees“. Unlike similar films about women over a certain age, including “something to give”. This is complicated, “and” Book Club “- barely Trying to explore them with anyone somewhat depth.

While Devine is considered as a gem in this film.

By bringing lots of warmth and energy to each scene, it is difficult not to see. Its presence here is a kind of tokenization. Of course, his character has a backstory, but why does he harmonize themselves. With three white women who call themselves “Mean Girls”. And why does he have no relationship? With the only other black women in the film?

For all the necessities and lacks “queen bee,” the biggest draw of the film. And the most vital attribute is an ensemble full of iconic actors. Burstyn and Caan create a type of chemistry that will make the audience care. About their relationship and whether it will produce results or not.

It’s easy to see why these talented players still booked jobs. In the 70s and 80s because even without solid material, they made this film worth watching. (Strange, though, that producer missed the opportunity to exploit “the third stone of the sun”. The nostalgia by pairing Curtin and Co-Star Stewart France in a shared scene.)

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“Queen bee” won’t win any awards, and it’s far from classic ROM-com:

But it must be a movie to consider if you bring your grandmother to the cinema. If nothing else, try to shine on some older characters – and older character actors. And people can expect more films like this to be made. Just with a better taste of what is meant by femininity. And also the friendship in the golden year.