The US President gifted a handmade $ 6,000 bicycle to British prime minister Boris Johnson

US President Joe Biden chose a specially made bicycle and handmade as his prize for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for their direct meeting in front of the G7 summit in Cornwall this weekend.

In a signal that confirms the warmth and strength of UK-US bonds, President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson exchanged prizes in the middle of the undergraduate Summit (G7) in England. The US President discussed a $ 6,000 handmade bicycle while the British Prime Minister presented Biden with a photo of a 19th-century anti-slavery campaign during his first foreign trip as US president.

Bicycles made by a small company in the American City Philadelphia reported only a few days to build red, white, and blue bicycles that usually need months to build.

Johnson is a sharp cyclist and often described cycling on the streets of London, with security details in pursuit. Biden is also known as an ordinary cyclist and revealed. As a fan of increments with a room with a peloton.

Talented bicycles by Biden made by Bilenky Cycle Works, a business with four staff who usually take up to 18 months to make machines. The owner, Stephen Bilenky, was contacted by the US State Department on May 23 about designing a suitable bicycle and helmet, the Philadelphia asked.

It is said that the budget is only USD 1,500, one-third of the minimum price of the company costs. Bilenky told the newspaper that he had received an order to raise the company profile and that “controlled chaos” was followed.

“This is a very modern version of the England roadster which is upright with a special paint scheme with a suitable Union Jack flag and a suitable helmet,” he said as quoted.

Johnson’s gift for the US President is a mural-framed picture that shows the American Fredrick Douglass anti-slavery campaign. The picture of the former slave, who became a leading figure in the 19th Abolitionist Movement for Abulanis Abulanis, was part of the footsteps of Edinburgh’s murals.

I Lady Jill Biden was first given the first edition of Apple Tree ‘by Daphne du Maurier, an English writer who lives in Cornwall. Carrie Johnson is served with a leather carrying bag made by a military wife and a presidential silk scarf.

The leaders officially met at the Bay of Carbis in Cornwall, the United Kingdom South-West, right before the G7 summit on Friday.

Johnson dubbed his meeting with Biden as a “breath of fresh air,” leading a lot in British media to compare and compare with a somewhat uncertain US-English meeting with former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s prize to Johnson painted blue with red and white decorations to raise the English Union Jack and the signature of two world leaders on the crossbar, the Puppy of Philadelphia reported. In addition, the US and British flags come in a bicycle head tube. According to Politico, Johnson gave Biden a framed photo from a 19th-century anti-slavery campaign, Frederick Douglass.

According to the British media report, Downing Street decided on the photo after finding it on the Wikipedia page for Douglass. After the meeting between the two leaders, Biden thanked UK PM because it accommodated him on Twitter. He said: “Special relationships between the United States and England are stronger than before.”

Meanwhile, Johnson also confirmed strong US-British bonds, said that “the future of the stability and prosperity of the world lies in cooperation between Britain and the US, which are closest to allies.”