Pokemon Go Gen 6: Details, Release & Sneak Peek

Pokemon Go is getting a mega update this week. Mega evolutions introduced in gen 6 (Pokemon X and Y). These mega updates allow certain pokemon to achieve a temporary level of evolution in battle.
Mega evolution will change the experience of gamers allowing them to battle in raids with mega evolved pokemon.

When New update is available for go players-

Report says,As soon as the new update is released Go players will unlock a unique feature of Pokemon Go raid. And it will appear in the overworld.

These mega raids will be responsible for the mega evolved pokemon for trainers to battle.

These mega raids are entirely different from the regular raids. Mega raids are not so the trainers can catch pokemon while they are to gain mega energy. Collecting mega energy is the key to unlock the mega evolution for your pokemon.

What happens if you win a mega raid?

If you win a mega raid?
If you win a mega raid, you will get mega energy for the pokemon that you battle.
Senior Game designer Laura Warner said If you battled mega Blastoise, you would get mega Blastoise energy.

If you have enough mega Blastoise energy, you will unlock the Mega form of Blastoise.
Initially, there will be a cost attached while collecting energy. But once you are registered in the mega Pokedex – there will be a lower cost to mega evolving moving forward.

Same as the main series, Mega evolution is only temporary in Pokemon Go. But reports say mega evolution will make sure that your pokemon won’t go in standard form after the battle. The trainer will have enough time to walk and take photos with their mega evolved pokemon.

‘you should take a note that clone & shadow pokemon won’t be able to mega evolve but purified pokemon can.’

initially Five Mega pokemon will be introduced with the new feature, says Niantic.
“Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y, Mega Blastoise, and mega Venusaur will appear in the mega raid.”
Special Report says Mega Beedrill will also be joining the club soon.

Special Notes:

Players can have only one Mega Evolved pokemon at any given time, for example –
If you mega evolve Charizard when you already have a mega Beedrill roaming around, Beedrill will back to its standard form.
Any pokemon brought alongside your mega pokemon will get an attack boost.


Few tidbits –

Mega evolution would not be allowed in PVP battles. Mega pokemon will only use in team rocket battles & raids.Mega evolving will increase the combat power of the pokemon & mega pokemon can’t occupy gyms.