“Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2” Review: Continuation of the bloody slasher with the beautiful surprise of the third act

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 is the direct sequel to Netflix 2020 – a hit? No hit? Who can say that? The horror film Nobody Sleeps in the Forest Tonight has been declared the first Polish slasher film in history. The action takes place a day after the events of film 1.

In which two obese mutants slaughter a group of teenagers. Who are sent to the forest as therapy for their technology addiction. It was good, not too bad, not too excellent, and I’m happy to announce. That the follow-up was a little better and slightly different. There were machetes and meteorites and more blood and guts than a machete or meteorite could shake.

Masked ball for vampires with chained human girls:

“The party’s over,” he said, and the vampires began to eat dirt, including one with a sword that sent to Wilhelm with a scream and an Indiana Jones flower. OK, WE GET IT, FILM, YOU ARE SO INTELLIGENT WHAT ABOUT YOUR REFERENCES AND EVERYTHING.

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However, this is nothing more than the dream of the idiot Adas (Mateusz Witzlavek), who is a wretched person according to the refrigerator’s contents. He is a low-ranking cop with the local police station, and one of his main jobs is taking some sausage dogs to his boss on his way to the office. In the event of a disaster, he is interrupted by a policeman pushing a rifle. You won’t be surprised to learn that Fennel claims all of Barney Fife’s brown gun-wielding powers.

Adas arrives at the train station and finds the film’s first survivor, Zosia (Julia Vienyava-Narkevich). In one cell and the fat mutant in the next. Chef Waldek (Andrzej Grabowski) sums up the previous night’s events but still tries to piece together the details. Waldek then eats his keelbas and takes Zosia back to her injury/crime scene. While Adas takes up the jockey position next to the only other police officer, Vanessa (Zovia Vihlatz). Of course, she fell in love with him. She was probably the only woman he knew.

Bad things happen at crime scenes.

First to Waldeck’s belly, because of Kielbasa. And again about her guts, which became visible after the meteorite exploded and infected Sophia with black fat, which she turned into something. Something very thirsty for killers. Eventually, Adas and Vanessa arrive to investigate when the boss doesn’t answer the phone because he’s heartbroken. The film identifies several other characters, including several Nazi brothers (Sebastian Stankevich and Robert Wabich) and an old local prostitute (Isabella Dabrowska) uncomfortable with things.

The film indulges in the usual horror tropes with enough competence and corn syrup close-ups to satisfy a greyhound in the first hour. For now, anything that modulates sound moves into pseudo-rom-com territory and helps forge that philosophical discussion. And ethical between characters who begin to question their larger life purpose. Dialogue acts as self-commentary, and that’s precisely how the film becomes openly critical of the film. This approach would be tiresome here in a post-scream world if it weren’t otherwise so entertaining.

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Remember, movies don’t change you:

Just like the latest shock from Act 3 of Malignant – it’s a bit more subtle and cheaper – but cleverly plays with convention and throws us off balance. The first “Nobody Sleeps” was nothing more than the sum of its influences (Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc.), and its sequels spent too much time on high-style stereotypes and low-key cliches. The change in tone is surprising, but it works and saves the image from the heaps of naughty horror pseudo-comedies.

It’s worth watching the first two acts of Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 to see the surprise that saved us in the third act.