“Escape the Undertaker” Review: Will the New Day WWE be a fatality when they entered Undertaker?

Retired WWE Superstar Mark Callaway is back in a black raincoat and wide hat and is wrestling icon The Undertaker again for his hockey but harmless interactive Netflix ghost dress starring Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods.

Yes, it didn’t incorporate the “Choose Your Own Adventure” saga in the Emmy-winning episode of Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch”. And has since toured modest Netflix fare as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Boss Baby returns to a slightly spooky Halloween adventure that is likely to be sparked severe fans of the fight and, at the same time, wowed the younger WWE audience.

Of course, older WWE fans are welcome, too, if it’s just for the ironic kind of appreciation or maybe just for the more gentle pleasures of seeing an artist you like, doing something new, and exploring different storytelling environments as well. Especially those who don’t appreciate the fact that Undertaker’s final arc didn’t conclude a big. Escape the Undertaker shouldn’t interfere with hardcore combat. The puffy fight in the ring (instead, he came out with a credential-recorded argument from Pandemic. And then a documentary series that will lift the curtain).

The fact remains that this is the Undertaker’s final appearance – and that’s stupid.

Understandably, those who worship the Undertaker want to preserve the hero’s mystique. And of course, this is not the definitive version of him. But it’s also not the worst or funniest version of outsourced stewards we’ve seen in the last three decades. While there are times when it’s clear that Mark Callaway has his best fight. The Undertaker is still a delightful presence. And as you’d expect from an Undertaker game in 2021 (or even the last five years). This is where younger opponents bear most of the brunt.

The New Day is the perfect slide for Taker as the upbeat and cheerful trio. So you might wonder why this version of the plot isn’t featured in WWE programming. That rainbow – where the Undertaker tries to spoil the New Day by dividing and conquering it to lead him to the dark side. It would make for a Deadman-worthy ending. The inner light and friendship of the New Day will prevail. And the undertakers will respectfully accept their opposition to the temptations that threaten them.

For interactive purposes, the story of Escape the Undertaker is straightforward. In a setting that’s not much better than what you’d typically find. At the last minute for Monday night’s RAW episodes. Undertaker’s Lair (a McMansion suburb where someone places the giant Undertaker icon). It becomes a New Day intruder who comes to steal Taker’s Urn. Why does this cult of Positive Force want it? A darkest magic item from Undertaker? For his strength. Seriously, to get stronger. Again, this isn’t the smartest crusade, but it’s enough to make the forces of light and dark collide.

Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are great here.

In the domain, Taker, Big E, Kofi, and Xavier face all kinds of obstacles. Some scary and real, others fear-based and psychological. Traps, spiders, hidden keys, accurate magical attacks from the Undertaker himself. The story is full of mid-level threats and secrets to young mysteries. No choice has ever broken history too drastically. You will first be prompted to break up by selecting a new tag character to follow.

You’ll then have to grapple with a ghostly fog in the morgue. A whispering library painting, or the throne of the Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness (in what looks like a cavern where Taker keeps old WWE souvenirs). Of course, you can always deselect and go back to a different branch, but even if you broadcast the story live, other New Day members will mention things they did off-screen in a story you didn’t know about. I’m not participating.

The reason the Undertaker – who sometimes sits in a hidden high-tech surveillance room where he can watch anyone’s video (even though he is also, well, a wizard) – allows New Days to come into his world lies in the fact that he longs to make them his druid servants. And preserve their good with the urn.

This theme is well preserved throughout the film as there are moments in various ways where people in the New Year can make selfish or scary decisions. When it comes time for each New Day member to face their greatest fears separately, to your horror, you can choose to give in to the dark side if you wish or watch them lead to the evil conspiracy of Taker, Fallen victim. There’s a dead-end, yes, although you’ll be ushered back quickly to make other choices.