“Ninna Sanihake” Review: Windy Rommom handles modern relations with a deft

Adithya and Amrutha fell in love after meeting opportunities. What happens then is a windy romance where they explore their relationship when they choose to live together. Will their love bear the test of time?

Life – in relationships is rarely a subject of Kannada films.

Ninna Sanihake marks the debut of Suraj Gowda as director. The film also has a Ramkumar Dhanya, the first female actor from the family of Dr Rajkumar, who made his debut as the leading actress. There is hope, primarily because the trailers and songs are well received. Does the film match them? Mostly, yes. It appears as a clean and pleasant entertainer by taking a refreshing modern romance.

Ninna sanihake gives pleasure, but directly, taking a partner’s trip that lives together after falling in love. Given that Bengaluru has a large demographic of young people who moved from various cities to make a career here, this story explores the rarely touched cities.

The more commendable story is handling women’s character by handling their more attentive perspectives. This story is mainly around couples’ dynamics, and their romantic scenes are the giant spotlight, drawing a lot of laughs. The story is a little more than two and a half hours, which may be a little, but the second half of this film makes up for this.

Suraj, as a writer, director and actor, has provided a good product.

He shines in his role. Dhanya Ramkumar, in his film debut, is Revelation. He brought freshness and dialogue, and his voice was his biggest asset. Also entertaining is Manjunath Hegde and Rajinikanth. The optical film treats and frames Abhilash Katathi plays a good role in showing the development of love stories. Another spotlight is Raghu Dixit’s music. While the songs have become a hit, the background score lifts a fairy tale.

Gradually start loving each other. Because the marriage of a roommate was an improvement, Aditya had to leave home. PG told the deeply that he had to find out. Simply let me share costs with me. These young lovers, who share the same house, claim to be cousins to the outside world. When the bride just gathered, everything was terrific. But accusations, backlashes, commotion, quarrels, etc., start getting worse. Disconnect when everything has passed … DIMPPY Marriage fix … Aditya Devdas … Next? Watch a movie …!

The actor and director of Sooraj Gowda from Movie:

You wondered the nearby audience. Not only acting but also the first time they wrote and directed the story, they brought a soft visual touch to the silver screen. Those who live in direct cinema, but lovers and married people can relate to their own stories. How did the disappointment of love right now with the divorce door knocking? Why? There is a message for young lovers.

It looks like a film even though he has fun. Raghu Dixit’s music is another spotlight of the cinema. Music lovers are getting closer to other loves after love mocktail. Abhilash’s close-range shot increases the skeleton of the hero and the expression of the hero accordingly.

Suraj Gowda, from the appearance of chocolate, is also known as Moss. Compared to previous films, many steps forward. The Dhyana Ramkumar, the debut like that, may be in jeans for several reasons. Beautiful confidence in the first film. Shouts, laughter, anger, excitement, suffering all act neatly.

Aruna Balaraj has made justice for her role as Manjunath Hegde, Chitkala Biradar and Ms. Adityan as Dimpy’s parents. The number of cases related to Cybercrime has increased recently. Sit in the theatre and watch the cinema, cry a little, laugh more, and get out of it.