‘Doctor’ Movie Review: Pleasant comedy capers who have Sivakarthikeyan reduce their strength

The doctor was the film Thriller of the Indian Tamil language action directed by Nelson Dilipkumar. The Sivakarthikeyan star film also produced it under the banner of Sivakarthikeyan Productions, while KJR Studios functions as a co-producer and distributor.

First of all, I have to admit: I enjoyed watching the BTS videos released by the Doctor team. One of them is director Nelson who is desperately waiting for a song in front of Anirud’s studio. The composer came out with phone in hand: “Ippo lam Directors Studio vella padhuturaga (These days directors sleep outside the studio). They don’t understand that making music is a creative process. “

Doctors call families who lost loved ones to take matters into their own hands

With his previous film, Poolavu Kokila, the director proved to captivate audiences. With the story of an ordinary family who does extraordinary things. In this journey, he repeats the same tropes and the result. An exciting story about a family who goes to great lengths to save a loved one.

That’s the point, but the film opens with Varun (Sivakarthikeyan), a doctor with the glue of discipline. He’s also practical in life, which is why the girl he likes (Priyanka Arul Mohan, who doesn’t do much) doesn’t respond to his feelings; he wants someone with more emotion, more heart.

The film’s biggest USP is that it’s not about the Doctor himself; Sivakarthikeyan, in this case. In fact, to date, this is perhaps his most underrated role. This robs him of a happy and vibrant self, making him fall in love with family audiences. In “Doctor“, it’s like Rishabh’s pants that don’t make a sound in the crease (these pants are known for their aggressive style made of cotton). Even the dialogue is like staccato. You can bring chitti here from Endhiran, and it won’t make much difference.

However, like the professor from the popular TV series “Theft on Money”, Sivakarthikeyan remains in the background, trying to encourage a family to do what is usually a police job. This family is full of unforgettable characters and people they meet on roller coaster rides to save loved ones.

The first half is full of humour, as comedian Kingsley separates us with his cheeky dialogues.

Nelson has a lot of comedy in its scenes, so even an action series has a dose of humour (check out the one-off broadcast at the subway station). Although he loses the plot a bit in the second half, the interesting characters he designs and their performances keep you invested until the end.

Like many recent Tamil films, The Doctor emphasizes one reason, human trafficking. The stats and dialogue investigating the cause are just a line or two… that’s a relief. It’s also refreshing to see Unnale Unnale Vinay play a character in shades of grey; not much to write home about, but boy, the Vineyard still looks excellent and reasonable.

Anirud’s music and background music are Doctor’s main attractions; Carnatic’s use of melodic phrases (the song “The Soul of Doctor”) to slow-motion sequences fits perfectly, as does the song “Chellamma,” which is listening to your feet. The cinematography – by Vijay Karthik Kannan – also gives us some bright shots. All of this is packaged in the 148-minute comedy Doctor. All of this bodes well for Beast, Director Nelson’s next big show with Vijay.