‘Motel Makeover’ Review: Where two friends buy and modernize a tired motel in the Canadian resort city

April Brown and Sarah Sklash are good friends who decide to become a motel. Despite a lack of hospitality, design, or renovation, they have renovated the shabby Prince Edward County, OH motel and reduced it to the June Motel. In the Motel Makeover series, they embark on a more extensive project on Sauble Beach, right on the shores of Lake Huron. Oh, and they accidentally started repairs right before the COVID pandemic.

While April and Sarah’s purchased motel in Southern Beach is more tired than she ran away from:

We see friends walking through lobbies and restaurants whose dark wood panelling and other items haven’t been touched in decades. Rooms are clean but spotless. At least they have a flat-screen TV. This property also has a pool and an unfinished model house that once used to sell a lakeside home.

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The Friends has a budget of $600,000 to deploy across the estate and a target to open within five months (the show starts in January 2020, so you know what’s in store). They decided to start with a residence above the restaurant. They would live with Courtney, who ran the project and later became the motel’s general manager when it opened. Spending only $10,000, they had to find creative ways to handle wood panelling, make a late 70’s kitchen bright and cheery, and essentially “rejuvenate” the whole place.

The biggest challenge, however, is in the master bedroom, where Courtney will be staying. It had its bathroom, which was great, but the tub was, um, outside the bathroom, like the previous owner jumping out of bed and regularly running three steps into their open-air hot tub. Can you close or move the tub? Or does it hurt your budget?

One of the things you need to realize about Motel Makeover:

It is that the show is more of a design show than a repair show. Of course, there will be some construction going on, especially around the pool. But for the most part, April and Sarah were there to realize their vision of a delightful boutique. The motel is on the lowest possible budget. Seen this way, Motel Makeover could make for a fine series.

“Cooking with Paris”. Let’s get rid of that: our friends’ roast vocals are driving us crazy. They’re both in their mid-30s – April mentions that it’s weird for them to have roommates with 35. But their fries make them sound less like Paris Hilton’s entrepreneurial version but more like the dark cartoon, she continues to support. These women weren’t dark at all; You’ve risked a lot of money trying to revive this tired estate on a tight budget. If this is his natural way of speaking, so be it. But if they do something for the camera, we hope they stop.

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However, given the group’s pandemic challenges, they need to come up with a fun series about dealing with unexpected delays and other issues. The July motel in Sauble Beach finally opened in September 2020, so the pandemic caused a four-month delay, which isn’t too bad considering everything (it wasn’t going to receive many visitors last summer anyway). Of course, it’s always fun to watch the transformation; I Just wish lots of furniture and other furnishings were painted and reused rather than wholesale repairs.

The Motel Makeover is hours of fun for anyone who’s ever stayed in a ruined roadside motel and wondered if it could ease depression.