MILESTONE REVIEW: A Ghalib middle-aged truck driver dodged the death of his outrageous wife recently

The atmosphere is grey and blue – no one is painted brightly, decorating “the horn ok please” truck. Film seriously, a historical milestone is imbued with desolating. When Ghalib said, there was Immense gravity, “I do this work because this is who I am. My tribulation lies in the fact that this is me.”

They are located on the outskirts of Delhi-NCR:

‘Tonggak’ (aka Meel Patthar) spin around two main-Ghalib characters. Truck drivers are lonely and ageing, even though they are always driving from one place to another. They have not moved forward in life and Pash (Lakshvir advice). A wide-eyed ambitious young man who was eager to drive a truck.

This multi-layered film was written together, edited, and directed by Ivan Ayr. Known as the film debuted 2018 ‘Soni’ and focused on the personal struggle and professional truck industry workers.

Which almost won’t live in their permanent. Residence with their family. They always move and consider trucks as their ‘home’. From the opening scene to the end, Ghalib’s shadow camera makes viewers feel as if they discuss it. The attendees followed him as he walked with his constant back pain.

The cycle continued to load and dismantle the goods at his work. Driving his truck on the highway and guiding his son’s supply. Close-up shots from moving truck tires and dusty highways. That makes you move and engage with Ghalib and Pash characters burning slowly.

The story is simple and to the point. Both Ghalib overcomes the etali tragedy, unexpected death, spasms of his back or the way he tries to save his job. Viewers can easily relate to him and his struggle throughout the film.

However, there is confidentiality around Ghalib’s relationship with his wife, who made the audience wonder what happened.

Solid screenplay (by Ivan Ayr and Neel Manikan) swings between love, bond, and selfish interest. Between owners and their workers with slow speed. The depiction of the company owner becomes rude. With older employees (who have worked with them for decades) and offering their work to children, right.

This is what happened to Ghalib and Coworker Dilbaug (Gurinder Meaning), which was suddenly asked to leave the company.

The intensity in the scene increases the overall impact of the story.

Most dialogues are a mixture of Punjabi and Hindi, which perfectly blends with stories that give sincere nuances. The conversation was meaningful, like a scene where Pash came to see the corpse. And Ghalib comforted him by saying, “Bhate Meel Aane Hain” (more milestones to come). Which determines that life has just begun. There will be a situation that must face the same sad thing at each point. So, facing and strong!

Vicky’s Suvinder stole the show as Ghalib. He used his deep expression and eyes to convey his life misery. Ghalib becomes a man who is good at accommodating everything regardless of what his life is.

In sequence, he first rejected the man who landed at his house to paint a flower pot. But then allowed him to do it the same way his dead wife. He realized that this person was also a daily bet. And his efforts to come a long way should not be wasted.

Lakshmi’s great advice, like young people, struggled among his desire. To be good and the need for this work and money. All women in this film are brave and have a vital role.

Whether it’s the head of the Panchayat Women’s Sarpanch (Mohinder Gujral). A woman repairing tires (Shanti Devi) or Ghalib Brother-in-law (Gaurika Bhatt).

The extended film Ivan Ayr 97 minutes no doubt reflects the life that will get you involved. Some might find a slightly slower speed, but the story revolves around the struggle of life. The characters that will resonate with you throughout. The film feels like new starters, not the end of the road.