Dr Vinay Agrawal Educating the youth with his countless educational projects

In today’s era, education plays a very important role in everyone’s life. The one who is educated always faces and reacts towards the situation very smartly. It gives us a vision to think innovative and helps our mind to grow. Education changes our way of talking too.

Even the people of our society also like to interact with the one who has enough knowledge and a good way of talking. Today, we are going to introduce you to an educationist with strong leadership qualities better known as Dr. Vinay Agrawal.

Being the founder and trustee of St. Peter’s High school, which is based in Mumbai, India he always keeps a spirit to spread education in different parts of the world. He has done Ph.D., MBA, BE in computer science and serves as the Chancellor at ISBM University.

His university, ISBM is popular for MBA programs and is committed to provide innovative learning programs to meet the necessities of the industry. He is also having the responsibility of holding the Indian School of Business Management and Administration as the Executive Director.

With his notable efforts, he got various accreditations to the institute in order of making it a global success. Just because of such a hardworking man, this institute has now become a leader in educational innovation. Vinay M. Agrawal also known as Dr. Vinay Agrawal is a young doctorate in Computer Science. He is an acclaimed person with an innovative brain and an ambition to bring changes in the Indian education system.

Bigvacancy, Aeren Foundation, PKSBE, Aarya One Reality, Dharti Group of Companies and Alpha Foundation are some of the projects started by him for the betterment of the youth in the field of education, business, jobs, etc.

People also love to involve with these kinds of personalities and that is the only reason why we are able to see Vinay interviews with numerous journalists and countless news platforms. His inner spirit forces him to serve as much as he can to provide better education to the society.

For his contribution in the field of education, he has been awarded with many prestigious awards such as Shiksha Bharti Puraskar in the year 2010, Bharat Vikas Ratna in the year in the year 2012 and many more. Indian education system really needs these kinds of leaders so that the level of education and the way of teaching can be improved.

We can see that many people are not even aware about the common terms. The reason behind this is lack of communication and non serious way of making people understand things.

There is a need to build an environment in which the students feel overwhelmed and privileged so that they can get better choices for their career and education.

All of what we mentioned above all this can only happen If all of us start thinking like this young man Vinay who is giving his 100% to make education available for all. Let us take a step forward for the betterment of our society because If we are educated then our country will get better every day.