Mandibles Movie Review: The two simple-minded friends that find a giant fly in the trunk of a car and decide to tame it to make money

Mandibles is a particularly gruesome ode to friendship that routinely suggests writer and special director Quentin Dupi. You may not know his name. But you do know Rubber, the tire killer film, or perhaps one of Deerskin’s recent works.

On the killer jacket that strays from part of this equation because it is slightly and oddly positive. The film follows dead and dizzying friends Manu and Jean-Gab (Grégoire Ludig and Dafydd Marsias.

Respectively, turnkey with a cheery comedy delivery. From the comedy the director is known for) on getting a briefcase from a client and hands it over another.

It’s an easy job at a solid price of 500 euros.

The only problem is that these bosses (they’re almost the equivalent of Stupid and Stupid in France, one of my all-time favourite comedies, which partly explains my admiration for this weird experience) don’t have a car to work with.

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Journey to their destination Aim (and, as an extension, luggage to store suitcases where they are referred to as the all-important literal rule) so Jean-Gab can steal and hook up parked vehicles. It turns out this car has an overgrown fly in the trunk (made with a handy rubber effect), which the duo doesn’t remove. No, they saw an opportunity to use it.

Panicked at first that they won’t quit the job. Manu doesn’t come along when the mission interrupts. Until Jean-Gab begins explaining his brilliant idea. Of ​​taming the creature and teaching him how to rob shops and banks.

This is a ridiculous scheme that makes as much sense as many things can go wrong, but it has charm in the sense that the relationship they share is funny, harmless, and genuine. It’s like watching the two best friends play with their new dog and see what tricks it can learn. But accidentally burn everything.

No one gets hurt or get caught up. In the feuds of a rich woman’s vacation home. Which turns out to be the perfect training ground for a fly named Dominic.

The surprise for Mandibles is that Manu and Jean-Gab aren’t the only idiots here.

As Cécile (Indian Hair). He plays a carefree woman who has a long history of s*xual activity no judgment. That’s something for her character. She has the impression that Manu. Which was the one he slept with in high school. Which was why he invited his friends. Over to the luxury apartment.

A relative named Agnes (often Quentin Dupier’s employee Adèle Exarchopoulos) also suffered brain damage from the jet incident, which now makes her scream whatever she says. It’s always been said that the jaws will have an odd character. But the Dominican fly seems like the most normal out of the bunch.

There are a few downsides to this record that Dominic acts mainly off-camera unless he learns how to play but doesn’t kill everything you see. Manu and Jean-Gab set out to live dignified lives and try not to discover their true identities as they continue to train and execute the master plan.

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Humour is often nonsensical and unmistakably apolitical. There are various uses of the R-word. Some may find it problematic with brain-damaged characters. Which are examples of some dark but admittedly clever jokes.

Some parts are funnier than others, and they’re all pretty straightforward in anything other than the jokes (it also feels like you could do more with Dominic). Still, there’s always an unpredictable atmosphere to the perfectly perfect Climax.