Skybound Review: Low budget thrillers take place on a plane with a number of limited protagonists

Ever seen a “train”? This is also a low budget thriller that occurs on aircraft with several limited protagonists. The difference with “skybound” is that it happens on a much larger aeroplane.

But the main difference is entertainment content and “train” solidity compared to the emptiness and lack of inspiration in “Skybound“. Acting is sometimes stiff, but the conversation is occasionally excruciating, and you can’t call it enjoyable.

But especially the improbability and truly silly situations ensure that this well-treated film ends with a spiral down so that my appreciation also ends with a middle-sized arrow.

It began to be exciting, but in the end, it irritated me in such a way that I said this luxury plane (XJ one freedom. I’m sure this type doesn’t even exist) would hit the earth’s surface.

Let the tension begin.

The opening scene shows Lisa (Scarlett Byrne) and Matt’s date (Rick Cosnett) is on our way to enjoy a pleasant weekend, along with a friendly couple. I think Lisa and Matt have just met because Matt immediately apologized for walking around with an expensive car.

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That means Matt assumes that he doesn’t know him from a wealthy family. And it turns out. He also didn’t realize that he knew his brother Kyle (Gavin Stenhouse).

Well, the rich son has so little free time and therefore spend time together, I think. So Matt brought the good news that they flew to Malibu, along with Odin (Tyler Fayose) and Roxy’s girlfriend (Carla Carolina Pimental).

And also when it does turns out that the Kyle also has to fly together as a co-pilot, you already know that this will be a volatile flight. Next, there are also passengers on the ship who are not only looking for food. And land the plane, then, not so clear. Because there is no landing place to be detected on the surface of the earth.

Someone let the door open.

You think “snake on the plane” is hideous and hit. You will call it great work after watching “Skybound“. Most cheap films have more inferior film quality and acting like amateurs. But in some cases, he also has a clever and unique storyline.

Strangely, this low budget film is the opposite. The image used is not at all as bad. The acting is not a disaster, and the choices made by the scriptwriter more causes ignorance. But it passed a little tension and the atmosphere of total despair.

Also, the story is equally empty with a bottle of wine in the hands of alcoholics, and some events are too stupid for words. Sometimes it feels as if they do it intentionally.

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What surprised me, the whole plane was destroyed while the entrance stood wide open, and everyone padded as if it was normal.

The situation will not bother me, not because they have opened the same door to refresh the air on the plane while everyone feels safe. Because the pressure and wind cannot accidentally throw someone from the plane. Strange, right?

And you think Monty Python doesn’t make sense.

And there are many absurd situations, other ridiculous. Round bullet wounds and bullets are removed perfectly lying flat. Plus, the fact that an adult man still believes that Odin’s name comes from African gods.

People can argue that this is a reflection of the intellectual level of all films. But then suddenly, there was an intelligent statement about the system “traffic warnings and collision withdrawal” and artificial pressure in an aeroplane. An aeroplane I don’t want to take firmness with the engine attached. And don’t forget the end, which is impossible.

Skybound is not a high leaflet!

B-low budget films may not be popular, but people like an old survival film do not consider themselves too serious (including me). More similar films may deal with the apocalyptic world that ends with the same stupid content.

But most of the time of visual aspects in these films are also low levels. It is also the most positive feature that you can find in “Skybound“.

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Camera Hots that look professional (other than Kitschy es in the early clouds) are sometimes the same level as blockbusters with a million budgets. “Skybound” is a neglected film that does not leave a lasting impression. In other words, of course, it’s not a high leaflet.