“Manchi Rojulochaie” Movie Review: A Fun Entertainer in the festive vibes

Director Maruti Dassari is well known for his penchant for unconventional ideas. For example, in his films, conflict always evokes emotions that connect the audience through a heartbreaking experience. And this time, in his Diwali issue, Manchi Rojulochaie, he talks about universal emotion and comedy.

This film tells the story of Tirumalasetty Gopalam, also known as Gundu Gopalam (Ajay Ghosh):

Who is facing a difficult situation because of their worst phobia in life? Obsessed with his daughter, Padma (Mehrin), and is always proud of how he raised her.

He is shocked by his life when he learns that he loves his partner Santos (Santos Sobhan). He begins to oppose their relationship at the behest of his selfish neighbours Murti (Srinivas) and Koti (Koteshvara Rao) for two years.

This light family animator is an entertaining comedy that tackles relevant topics with believable characters and plausible situations. The film also does conveys up a warm message.

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That unless you ignore the good and never give up your beliefs. There will be no room for negative thoughts or emotions in your life. Apart from that, there are so many funny moments in the film. Such as the phone conversation between Gopalam and Pravin. The hospital scene with Venela Kishor, the scene from Padma’s dating service, etc.

The true strength of Manchi Rojulochaie lies in his talented, whimsical and funny character. In the scene between Gopalam, Koti and Merti scream. Most of the humour comes from their differences and the problem of destroying someone else’s happiness. Just because you can’t find your happiness. On the other hand, the film also feels stretched beyond the message. And sometimes intentions become watery and twisty all over the place.

There is no doubt that humour and emotion go hand in hand:

In Manchi Rojulochaie and Maruthi. There is room for the question of whether a father should be afraid and really worried. About the future of his grown daughter. And whether it is appropriate for a father to burden his daughter with his madness or morals. It makes us think about what makes caring parents different from demanding parents. These are related ideas and work well with the modern vision of the film.

For the show, Ajay Gosh took the opportunity to experiment with the unusual. He is as reassuring as Gundu Gopalam, who has been through many unknowns in his life. His baritone and casual accents are perfect for highlighting this whimsical character. Koteshvara Rao and Srinivas stole the show with their bad humour.

Santos Sobhan was fine, but he still had to fix his expression. Mehrien couldn’t impress, and their facial expressions didn’t match the synchronization. Actors Pravin, Viva Harsha, and Saptagiri also received the best film script. As usual, Vennela Kishore has the audience split as a frustrated doctor.

As the narrative progresses, complexity increases and eventually strikes against COVID-19. Gopalam was confined to one room, but he ventured to visit her when his mother became infected and hospitalized. The doctor (Venela Kishor) announces a medical miracle – the mother survived.

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All because she is in the hospital with her relatives. While the dramatic cinematic liberties and laugh-provoking kid jokes. That are to be forgiven, people want the dialogue to be less lengthy.

Maruti deserves credit for his straightforward yet sharp dialogues about life. Overall, Manchi Rojulochaie is a delightfully lively artist brought up through his excellent performances and sharp dialogue.