“Most Eligible Bachelor” Review: It is a slick, soulless film that goes nowhere

At the time of the word complex nepotism in Indian cinema. Achilles Aquinas has found the most suitable Bachelor (MEB) to be the lucky one for the fourth time.

After Achilles had just given birth to three chicks. He wants to show the world that he was more than just a famous Telugu movie name. The latest film is brighter and brighter than the previous films, but it still looks empty.

At least what’s on screen, the plot is about Harsha (significantly improved Achilles):

An NRI from New York returns to Hyderabad to get married within 20 days. His family arranges 20 matches for matchmaking, but he ends up falling in love with Vibha (the wonderful Pooja Hegde).

Who has been rejected based on the horoscope? Will the careers of Harsha and Viba, a stand-up comedian with a radical outlook on marriage. Which come to an end together at the heart of this incredible sermon film?

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Director Bomarilu Bhaskar’s script has his heart in the right place. But he makes a confusing film in his quest to create a lighthearted rom-com. It’s been a decade since Bhaskar came up with a watchable film. And MEB makes for a decent outing as long as it’s in the movies. Bhaskar has shown in Orange, Parugu, Bomarilu. That he understands the mindset of young people and older people in 21st century India.

Even though Orange bombed at the box office, it was still a radical film made in a commercial setting. Bhaskar, of course, plays with MEB. The characters believe that life is 50 per cent career and 50 per cent marriage. And you need a promising career for a happy marriage. At the same time, Vibha claims that even at their delightful concerts. The couple had to spend 10,000 hours together to understand their compatibility. This kind of omission on the part of Malcolm Gladwell is what makes the audience twist in its place.

Someone has to tell Bhaskar that if the main character is a comedian:

The guy must be not fat, not dark and evil. Bhaskar might have thought his audience wasn’t used to seeing the regular practice. When OTT changed the game for a long time. The script is also full of elephant-sized plot holes. What family on the planet is preparing for a wedding if the bride is not ready? The first half is still pretty decent because of the cute sequence of matchmaking. Where the hero meets lots of girls.

Bhaskar seems to have set out to write a story like Alice Munro. Only to get something straight out of the mud that bombed every production house in the country. This film has the soul and atmosphere of a room in Zara. Apart from Achilles, the attractive cinematography by Pradeesh Varma. And the scathing soundtrack by Gopi Sundar was the buying factors for this film.

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Achilles can breathe a sigh of relief because his ease in acting and dancing finally made him. An actor who had to adapt. What also helped his cause was that MEB was the only successful box office film. During Dussehra in Telugu state when the other two films he came out with turned out to be big guys. Both Maha Samudram and Peli Sandadi are so bad they don’t even have to go too OTT in person.

I saw MEB in a cinema in Visakhapatnam when the government of Andhra Pradesh allowed 100% work in cinemas. In ten days, it remains to be seen whether the state government’s decision. That will lead to an increase in Covid cases or not. After all, the whole country would be interested to know what happened next.