Malaysia to Amnesia Movie Review: The storyline is too predictable yet it funny and hilarious

The Director of Radha Mohan gives the best when he works with Prakash Raj or Jyothika. When he didn’t work with one of them, he served mediocre fees. Case In Point is his latest film, Malaysia to Amnesia, released on the ZEE5 on Friday.

Malaysia to Amnesia opens with Arun. It played by Vaibhav Reddy, roaming around the beach in Chennai.

He looks tired, confused, and homeless. He has ‘who am I?’ Vibration about him, and he somewhat disturbed jogging and morning pedestrians on the beach.

Then, he was recognized by his childhood friend, Prabhu (Karunakaran). Arun’s family was surprised when they found it in Chennai in confusion when he was supposed to be in Malaysia to attend a business meeting. To complicate other things, he seems to have lost his memory. Ergo Title Film, Malaysia to Amnesia.

Radha Mohan, who has also written a film, limits the humor of Mohan-Esque crazy only to the title of the film because the film failed to be sent in the writing department, with the use of the trop to make the film feel worn. For a film that depends on lies, fraud, and adultery for humor, Malaysia against Amnesia is not overly.

The protagonist has a minor contribution to encourage narratives ahead. In fact, his wife Sujatha (Vani Bhojan), Uncle Mannaru (M.S. Bhaskar), and Prabhu (Karunakarakan) who did all the conversation. Vaibhav Reddy did not understand like Radha Mohan when it came to his character.

Vani Bhojan provides a funny performance as a devoted housewife who never doubts her husband. And Bhaskar, as a man who wants to know with a list of endless questions, the only one who carries a film with an energetic appearance and makes it able to be tolerated.

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Malaysia to Amnesia, the latest Tamil film to release directly on the OTT Zee 5 platform:

It is a harmless entertainer who does not cash the promising premise. Like most films, Radha Mohan, Malaysia to Amnesia is a comedy that feels but might even be more entertaining with better writing. By taking a predictable path to handle a promising premise – from a husband stuck in an uncomfortable situation – this film only works in the section.

Vaibhav plays Arun, a small-scale clothing business owner. He married Suja (Vani), and they had a daughter. Arun in an exterminated affair with Riya, and he took time and then met him.

Once, Arun told his family that he went to Malaysia on a business trip for four days and went to Bangalore to meet Riya. But the plan is not going according to plan, and he is trapped in an uncomfortable situation.

Can explore the situation as a plot point more effectively. It can be made into an entertaining comic stretch but writes the resort to a cliche, and it’s stupid from the rest of the story.

The film relies heavily on Ms. Bhaskar, a veteran comedian, to do all weightlifting, and he is excellent in his role. Vaibhav because Vani plays each component well and clicks as a partner. Riya Suman has a decent screen presence.

This film is never hilarious, and that’s what makes Malaysia become a decent entertainer with amnesia.

Sometimes it’s bleak and here is better for better writing to work in front of comics. It’s a little disappointing that filmmakers like Radha Mohan are most remembered for their work in films such as Mozhi and Payanam, struggling to get back in shape.

The question is, is the humor efficient enough to make this a good film? I’m not too sure. If one can say humor in ‘fashion animals,’ the story never rises above the ‘energy saver mode.’

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This film is Sathi Leelavathi if you replace the character of Ramesh Aravind with, say, Professor Dharmathin Thalavan, who is absent played by Rajini. So predictable is an event that you can easily guess each development. However, the main actor did his best to make exciting problems, even during the weakest moment of cliched films.