Love Aaj Kal Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan-Karthik Aryan’s film is a chaotic mess

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Cast: Kartik Aaryan, Sara Ali Khan, Randeep Hooda, Arushi Sharma,

Average Users Rating: 3.0 out of 5

The story of Love Aaj Kal 2 revolves around a twenty-two-year-old girl Zoe Chauhan (Sara Ali Khan).

Sara is not in favor of a long-term relationship. She wants to have fun without reason and even wants to continue taking for the career.

But she got to know about an old love story between Leena and Raghu in the 1990s. This old lover’s story made her question her own choice.

The movie’s theme is about two couples who are separated by time. How do they deal with society? How they sustain familial pressure?

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Moreover, to give preference between love or career and to face the continuous changes in the relations dynamics.


The plot and narration of Love Aaj Kal 2020 are just like the Love Aaj Kal 2009. The directorial of Love Aaj Kal 2009 was a massive success, while people expect the same with the Love Aaj Kal 2020.

But the expectations change to disappointment as things don’t match the expectation.

However, the story of Love Aaj Kal 2020 has some fresh tail as per the latest time. The story matches the real-time with the representation.

The director Imtiaz Ali tried to show the love difference between small town and urban love.

The love at small-town is traditional and simple even has difficulty too, while love is complicated and messy in the urban area.

The movie’s lead, Zoe, is the personification of the back. Zoe is a complex character that has already prepared a five-year plan. It is to make and launch her own event management company before settling down in the restricted relationship.

Meanwhile, Sarah Ali Khan is the right age to play Zoe.

She is nothing short of fully drawing the complexity of her firebrand and passionately independent role.

Sara has a significant on-screen presence and looks stunning, but her performance doesn’t make you original to Zoe.

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Karthik Aryan is as good as the childish Raghu, whose transformation from the sneaky lovely small-tower to the big city Casanova is credible.

However, as Veer, even Karthik does not get to follow about the love of his life more and more and should be on his dock and call.

Randeep Hooda is the one who leaves a long-term impression while he could be seen for less time with fewer scenes. The younger actor looks quite dull while wearing a handlebar mustache and linen shirts.

He is replacing Rishi Kapoor’s character in the original movie. Even, it could be said as his story, which involves entertainment and interest in it.

Imtiaz Ali uses impressive music in the movie.

This music is best used to recreate Raghu and Leela’s love story by beautiful young girl Arushi Sharma. Arushi performed it quite impressively.

Moreover, the flashback story is obstructed several times to accommodate the film’s non-linear narrative.

However, the film’s story is emotionally charged incidental in its outlook. There are hardly any light moments.

If we look at the movie’s soundtrack, then it’s rich in emotions and the melody that made storytelling even more enjoyable. The runtime is also attractive with fascinating first-half.

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But, the second half of the movie goes with the flow and predictable.

Love Aaj Kal becomes ready to enjoy the character’s complexity. It also shows the broken relationship along with the tremendous love feeling.

It creates some emotional moments throughout the way but would not leaves you charmed.