Bamfaad Review: Aditya Rawal’s strong performance cannot save the movie from weak writing

Bamfaad is a Bollywood romantic action film. Ranjan Chandel directed Bamfaad. The story is from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. It’s a love story between Nasir Jamal and Neelam. They both met coincidentally and started loving each other. They took a bold decision and chose love’s path but got the loss to each other as well.

Aditya Rawal performed Nasir Jamal’s character. Nasir is a young boy that lives in Kareli, Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh). His friends used to tease him and call him ‘Naate’ even though he is okay in height. Nasir regularly put forward house complaints frequently.

However, Nasir’s father is Shahid Jama. Shahid is a well-settled and respected contractor. He ignored his son’s (Nasir) actions, even motivating him to continue bad behavior. In comparison, his mother is concerned about his son and his negligence.

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In an evening, Nasir got to the Sanam CD music store to drop a parcel at his childhood friend Zahid’s request. When he got there, he saw that the shop is closed.

There he met with Neelam. Shalini Pandey performed Neelam’s role. She lives above the shop.

They have an interesting conversation. Shortly afterward, they meet a few more times, and Naate now approaches him. On the other hand, when Neelam appreciates her simple gestures towards Nasir, she is hesitant to take things further. After an arduous journey, she fights to work with Nasir, but Nasir is very excited to see any red flags.

After some time, Nasir and Neelam come close to each other. Meanwhile, Jigar Fareedi, a charming, influential figure, crosses paths with Nasir due to his fight with college student politician Rajeeb Mehndi. Rajeeb Mehndi is the Jigar’s candidate. Vijay Verma performed Rajeeb’s role.

Jigar is so angry with Nasir that he wants him to apologize publicly and egoistically, leading to an ego conflict between the two.

It becomes challenging for Neelam to understand her relationship with Nasir. But she knows that she likes him at a deep level. They face many obstacles and are usually presented over time of testing.

This tells us whether Nasir and Neelam will ever be able to live together?


The story of Rajan Chandel’s Bamsaad revolves around Nasir Jamal. Nasir is the son of an entitled politician who threatens college professors and fears no consequences.

He thinks he owns the city, but his trust is shattered when he meets Jigar Fareedi. Jigar Fareedi is also a politician who has authority over the city. The two attack their love for a girl Neelam and remaining is just the noise of gunfire and the breaking of bones.

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Bamfad voices the films of Anurag Kashyap from the very first scene. It seems that Ranjan, who has already worked with Anurag in Mukkabaaz and Raman Raghav 2.0, stepped on the set with a checklist:

He came up with all his knowledge in the movie but copying anything doesn’t make any movie a great one. Bamfaad started with a reasonable hope, but its weak writing brings it out of track soon. The film tried to survive in its time, but it sounds like a mixture of Gangs of Wasseypur, Ishaqzaade, and a segment, even Sairat. Even, Bamfaad fails to reach any of the big film levels.

If we talk entirely about the movie, then different costumes and the movie’s ending are disgusting. But the good actor in the movie is the debuting actor Aditya Rawal. He acted so really that you would be happy to see him. In an interview, Aditya said that he “fell in love” with his character, and we couldn’t agree more.

Shalini Pandey debuted in Arjun Reddy but did not get many dialogues in the movie.

She starred side by side Aditya in Bamsaad. The performance of Shalini in Bamsaad was outstanding. Even Vijay Verma as adversary presents an excellent performance in all his roles like Gully Boy, Shea. Pink, etc. Bamfad had potential because of such spectacular performances.

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Ranjan and his co-writer Hanjala Shahid, an Uttar Pradesh resident, have set a story in their home state. “Many details, dialogues and examples in the film came from the things what they had seen in real life,” Aditya said that is what sets them made Bamfaad apart from other films.

And that is not entirely wrong. Ranjan and Hanjala’s knowledge and familiar dialogue with the state set a spark in some dialogues. One of the Uttar Pradesh regional dialogues in the movie is “Tum Atal Bihari Vajpayee Thodi Ho Ke Gal Galli Na De De.”

The film is packed with such one-liners, but none goes further than this, making Bamfaad the best one-time watch.