Kundali Bhagya, 25th Nov 2020 Episode: Sarla Gets Arrested

Nov 25, 2020 episode starts with police arresting Sarla and taking her with them.

Sherlyn follows them and deceives the police not to leave Sarla as she tried to harm her and her unborn child; hence she should be severely punished.

She also tells Sarla that her child is perfectly fine. On the other hand, Sarla, in her defense, keeps on telling that she didn’t harm Sheryln or her child; rather, Sherlyn is trying to harm her little girl Preeta.

Janki apologizes to the inspector for the interruption and asks them to leave Sarla, trying to convince the police that Sarla is innocent and can not think of harming anyone.

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Inspector tells Janki that an FIR is being filed against Sarla, and they can not help but asks Janki to hire a lawyer and get Sarla bailed.

Sherlyn tells Sarla that with the police’s help, Preeta managed to be in Luthra House and that she is just tolerating her day by day, and this was her way of taking her revenge by getting Sarla arrested.

She also tells Sarla that as today is a big day for Preeta, so she will try breaking Preeta fasting; also adds that preeta’s health is already not very good, and now that she will be more exhausted trying together mother of trouble, it will be so much fun for her to see all the drama that will take place. Later Sheryln mocks Janki and leaves.

Mahira tries to call Sherlyn, but it’s unreachable. She knows that Sarla  done her part of the job and is on her way to return, but she does not tell anyone. Rather, she is really happy seeing Kareena and Dadi’s stressed and worried faces and thinking that they should regret not listening to Sherlyn earlier.

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Sherlyn arrives, and Kareena questions her about leaving without telling anyone and says that she will also call Sanjana. Still, just then, Sherlyn starts acting as she is getting unconscious and is about to faint, but Mahira holds her from the back and takes her to the bed and asks others to bring an energy drink or lemonade for Sherlyn, and locks the door from inside. Mahira asks Sherlyn what had happened, and Sherlyn tells her that as per their plan, Sarla is arrested; both start laughing.

She also tells that it will be fun to watch Preeta all stressed as she will get more weak rescuing her mother and get to witness a lot more drama. Sherlyn and Mahira assure each other that nothing should happen to sherlyn’s baby.

Karan asks Preeta about her health, and she replies that there’s a bit of headache rest everything is fine, but Karan disagrees and says that she is saying this just because she wants to continue her fasting. But Preeta convinced him, saying that Srishti will give her a head massage and be fine.

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Srishti was doing preeta’s head massage, but Karan interrupted her, and he started doing it himself. Preeta gets surprised seeing Karan in place of Srishti. Sameer tells Srishti that he can sense the love between Preeta and Karan. Janki reaches the Luthra House and informs everyone about Sarla.

Shrishti and Preeta both come inquiring what has happened, Janki exclaims that the police have arrested Sarla, hearing this news shocks everyone.