Kingdom Season 3: Insider Info, Release Date, Cast Update, Season 3 Plot, And Trailer details.

Historical period South Korean thriller TV series Kingdom is Netflix’s first original Korean series, written by Kim Eun Hee and directed by Kim Seong hun. This series is based on the book “Land of the Gods,” written by the one and only Kim Eun Hee, the show’s creator herself.

After giving two successful zombie shows to us, the series is now officially an international sensation. Though Netflix has not given any confirmation regarding season 3 of the web series, still this does not mean that we cannot speculate when to expect and what to expect in it!

Please stick with us until the end to find out the release date, cast update, and the plot.

Insider Info: 

We have found some crucial information for our readers, ensuring the production and release of season 3. 

Recently, the show’s creator, Kim Eun Hee, was interviewed by “The Hollywood” reporter. And, she had the following to say; 

“Strangely, Kingdom is a series that gives me more energy the more I write it. The cast and crew all have great chemistry and there is so much more to tell. If the viewers allow it, I would love to see it grow till season 10.”

Not only this, the creator even confirmed a new cast update, which is the character played by Jun Ji Hyun. When asked more details, she said;

“I think she will become a central role alongside the main characters from Season 1 and 2”.

Release Date:

Now, coming to our calculations, the first season premiered in January 2019, followed by the second season in March 2020. If we go by the schedule, we can expect the third season in early 2021. However, due to the global pandemic that has affected almost everything, the release date is bound to be postponed.

Though we can estimate the time of the release of season 3 with the help of previous releases, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the shooting undoubtedly has suffered. This outburst makes things a little unpredictable. Updated information and with the help of trusted sources, we can say that the season third will not be out in 2021. The earliest that we can expect its release is in early 2022. 

Cast Update: 

Sadly some characters died off in the previous season, so we may not see them in season 3. The other cast members to return in the third season include:

  •  Juhu Ji Hoon as crown Prince Tang.
  • Bae Doona as Seo Bi.
  • Kim Sung Kyu as Young Shin Joon.
  • Ryu Seung Ryong as Cho Hak Ju. 

Another important casting news is that the Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun will appear in the third season, but her character remains a mystery. 

Season 3 Plot: 

Undoubtedly, season 3 will pick up from where the previous season ended. Furthermore, we speculate that the main focus of season 3 might be on the following: 

  • The northern outbreak:

We know the Prince is faking his death and searching for the resurrection plant all over Korea till now. It was also known that the plant was growing in various regions all over the country. Moreover, there is the presence of a mysterious seller selling it to ordinary people. Since Prince Chang does not have the appropriate amount of soldiers to fight off the zombies, he will probably retreat from the North. This retreat only means that there can be a possibility of a wild outbreak, even in the North.

  • The mysterious plant seller:

Season 3 will also focus on the mysterious plant seller who has been selling the resurrection plant to the common folk. Since till now, we know that the seller is a woman, but her intentions are still unknown. As a peasant buyer had said that he bought a resurrection plant from the border between Korea and China, there is a possibility that she might just be working for the Ming dynasty.

  • The Prince:

The undead Prince will also definitely be the central character in season 3. As he has grown older in the previous season, the parasite moved up to his brain, and now the question remains whether he will become a monster or some unusual creature or a human zombie hybrid. We will have to watch it to find it out.

  • Will, they ever find the cure?:

Everything regarding this depends on Seobi and the research that has been done. Until now, the only thing that can cure the undead plague is that drowning the victim in water kills the worms. Other than that, there was very little progress in finding a cure. All of Seobi’s research is with Cho Beom-Pal. And in case of another outbreak that may happen sooner than anticipated, the research is the only hope.

These are our speculations. Season 3 might have something we cannot even think about, which is the exciting part of a thriller series. Just like all the other worldwide fans of the Kingdom, we too can’t wait for the season 3 release!

Trailer Details: 

As of now, there is only one teaser that has been released. No such trailer has been out, which points towards the upcoming season 3. However, we might get to see the trailer in the first quarter of 2021. Though there is no surety about the trailer as of now, one thing that is for sure is an action-packed, thrilling zombie show! Besides all the show lovers, we too are eagerly waiting for the next season!

Are you waiting for it too? Do tell us and share your thoughts or theories with us in the comments section down below. Read some more of our articles, and we’ll keep hanging out!