‘JJ+E’ Review: Romantic Sweden drama about the two teenagers from different worlds

Netflix and teen drama is a match made in heaven; From popular titles like in my block, the community, atypical, and I’m not okay with international films like Beat. Out of my league, and caught by waves, teenage content continues to come. JJ + E, is now streaming on Netflix, plays like a type of Romeo + Juliet. And is bound to appeal to intense teenage romance lovers.

John-John’s teenager (Mustapha Aarab) and Elisabeth (Elsa Öhrn) comes from a different world;

While Elisabeth went swimming at midnight and enjoyed a day of eating near the bay. John-John and his group of friends stole shops and homes and took other people’s boats for Joyrides. One decisive day, John-John happened to be in the right place. At the right time and saved Elisabeth’s younger sister, Patricia. Because of sank and two crossways for the first time. They soon discovered that they both attended the same theatre school, and sparks began to fly. Even though Elisabeth’s efforts kept the distance when he was sadly losing his mother.

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Not long before truly connected both of them. They may have come from the different worlds. But Elisabeth and John-John shares the something special that most of them cannot understand. They are happy to practice for their appearance to come to school. Slip behind Elisabeth’s father, and find time to explore their city and fall more in love. This happiness cannot survive forever. And when John-John is supported to a corner without a way out. The differences in the world threaten to tear them forever.

The ensemble is fantastic, but Elsa Öhrn has real star quality. It gives the vibration of Major Anna Chlumsky and Florence Pugh with her appearance. Whether he sulkers at home, showing off his acting pieces to John-John’s friends or falling on the heel into young love. He is convincing, charming in a homely way that makes each of his scenes exciting.

I ran to write an initial line from one of John-John’s friends before entering Frank’s house:

“There is nothing rich,” said Sluggo. “Whether he or one of his ancestors made love to someone”. JJ + E avoided the biggest sin done by most teenage dramas: never presented. The film created a world based on Get-Go, making Stockholm feel like any environment. And John-John and his friends all go to school like our children. When the bet becomes high and the drama becomes intense. The sense of reality is still very present. Ensuring that the movies are heavier, picking the punches needed to make us feel something (and afraid of John-John’s future).

Apart from the film’s success in many areas, however, I can’t be thrown. By doubts about the story they are trying to tell. JJ + E hesitates between the sweet story of John-John and Elisabeth. And the crime that occurred in the group of John-John’s group. Which finally led to something very dark – and which was quite absurd, off the field.

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I was on the board until the last 15 minutes of the film. When it takes a sharp dramatic turn to hit hard. But it doesn’t have to be a way that works for JJ + E. It’s a little disappointing because the chemistry between young leads is very daydreaming, and the story feels essential. When the end jumps over sharks like this, it’s difficult to recommend to others.

While JJ + E describes sweet romance and has some exciting things about privileges. The higher the increasing actions proved that it was not enough what the type of film he wanted.