Imlie climbs on the tree for honey

As the episode starts, Tauji and Imlie meet Aditya and Malini. Aditya asks Tauji, “are you fine? Anu comes there . She asks Tauji “what are you doing at this tacky place?”.Dev tells Malini that it’s not a tacky place, it’s a big market. Anu asks Dev “who comes here for shopping?”.

Aditya replies by saying Hindustan. He says that apart from the big shopping malls, many Indians still shop from a big market.Dev tells Anu that 90 per cent Indians shop from the big market. Anu says “it’s good, we don’t come under those 90 percent”. Aditya tells Tauji that he will help him to get an Auto.

As Aditya, Malini and Tauji are going outside the market, Imlie stops there.

She decides that she will get honey. She covers her hands and face. Imlie takes a bucket and start climbing on the tree. Malini notices that Imlie is climbing on the tree. She tries to stop Imlie.

Imlie climbs on the tree and tries to extract honey from the honeycomb. Aditya, Tauji and Malini are watching Imlie. Imlie successfully extracts honey from the honeycomb. As she tries to climb down from the tree, she slips. Tauji gets afraid but Imlie saves herself. She comes near Tauji with honey.

Tauji calls Imlie a fool.He says that one-day Imlie will give him a heart attack.Malini tells Imlie that she is amazing. Aditya notices that some honeybees have bitten on Imilie’s hand. At Tripathi house, Imlie is trying to decrease the pain of bites.Aditya gives her a cream. He tells Imlie “why you always create a scene?”.

He further adds “what do you mean by saying you know me?”.

Imlie tells Aditya that she doesn’t like when anyone tries to take advantage of her loved ones, but she stops in middle. Aditya says that Aparna is her mother and if she needs anything, he can give it to her. He tells Imlie “you don’t need to do anything for my family.”

Aditya goes from there. Sundar comes there. He teases Imlie by saying honeybee has bitten herself. Imlie stands up and tells Sundar that Tauji needs a cup of tea in the morning. She starts telling him about the likes and dislikes of all family members. Imlie says that Twinkle is diabetic, so never give her anything sweet.

She tells him that Rupali and Nidhi need tea after food.Sundar asks her “why are you telling me all this suddenly?. Imlie says that “I am trying to explain all the work to you.” Imlie remembers that she has to go back to pagdandiya. Aditya is standing near the door, and he hears everything.

Sundar asks her “how do you know so much about the family members?”.

Imlie tells him that she thinks of everybody as her family member. At Chaturvedi’s house, Malini is looking at her family picture. She feels sad as she has to leave her house after marriage.

Dadi comes near Malini. She asks her, “how are you feeling as you have to leave your house after 2 days?”. Malini says that it’s not easy for her to leave her house. She further adds that In Tripathi’s house, she only knows Aditya. She says it’s tough to leave her own family and accept a new family. The next day, everybody in Tripathi’s house is busy in Pooja preparations.

Aparna asks Pankaj about the flowers. Everyone is wearing the same color dress in the Pooja. Aparna asks Sundar about Imlie. Sundar tells her that Imlie is sleeping since morning. Aparna thinks, “Imlie always gets up early in the morning.”

Imlie is feeling very sad.

She starts crying. Aparna comes to see Imlie. She finds that Imlie is crying. She asks Imlie, “what happened, is she well or not.” Imlie tells her that she is not feeling well. Aparna gives her a dress. She tells her that everybody is wearing the same color dress in Pooja.

She tells Imlie to get ready for Pooja. Dev comes there. He tells Aparna, “let her take rest as she is not well.” He says that Sundar will manage all the work. Aparna scolds Aditya. She says that it’s not a good way of talking. She tells Aditya that Imlie is like a part of their family.

Aditya feels bad. Aditya goes from there. Aparna tells Imlie that she should name Aditya as Karela. Aparna tells Imlie to take a rest for some time and then get ready for Pooja. Meanwhile Chaturvedi family comes to the Tripathi house. Rupali and other family members greet them.

Anu tells Aparna that she brought some gifts for them.

Aparna says that there was no need for it. Aparna thanks Anu for the gifts. Twinkle asks Anu, “didn’t anybody tell you, everybody is wearing the same colour dress today?”. Anu says that she doesn’t like that color. It will look too loud on her.

Aparna says that Anu is looking very pretty. As the Pooja starts, Aditya and Malini sit together. Imlie comes there. Rupali and Nidhi take Imlie near other family members. Rupali, Nidhi, and Imlie sit behind Aditya and Malini. Sundar says, “I am standing here and Imlie is sitting there.”

He says that Imlie doesn’t know the place of a servant. He further adds that Aditya’s behavior towards Imlie is correct. Imlie is feeling very sad. She notices Aditya and Malini sitting together and feels sadder.