Choti Sardarni 19th December Episode: Never ending problems

Till now, we have seen Meher and her family’s struggles in their new home. As time passes by, so does the difficulty level of the challenges that they were facing. Soon after they find a solution to one problem, they see themselves trapped in another one.

When Meher was returning home with leaves as an ointment to Sarabjeet’s back pain, a thorn got stuck on the sole of her foot. She cried badly and struggled to pluck it out of her foot. After removing the thorn, she rushed towards her home.

In the house, Sarabjeet and Param kept waiting for Meher. Param impatiently asked when Meher would return, as he was hungry and concerned about his father’s pain. Sarab replied that she would be back soon. In her absence, Param continued to take care of his father.

“Don’t worry dad, I can take care of you as Meher’s mother has taught me everything,” said Param.

With a smile on his face, Sarabjeet replied, “I know you have turned big and mature now. I am proud to have a son like you in my life.”

When Sarab, too, felt hungry, Param went up to get milk for him and Karan. Sarabjeet proudly said that Param had become a responsible boy now.

In Kulwant Kaur’s house, a doctor was analyzing Kulwant’s health and informed her family members that she had become really weak as she is not taking proper meals.

After the doctor left, all the family members tried their best to convince Kulwant Kaur to eat food. She refused. But, when her daughter-in-law convinced her by saying that there was no point staying hungry if Kulwant hunger could not find Meher and her family.

“Mummy ji, what’s the point of staying hungry. If you will stay hungry, it is not that Meher would return,” she said.

Kulwant Kaur replied, “You are right. If I can’t Meher with this, what’s the point of being hungry? I should in fact use some other formula to find my daughter.”

Meanwhile, Meher returned and saw Sarabjeet still struggling with pain. Meher requested him to remove his kurta as she had to apply the ointment on his back. Sarabjeet hesitated as he knew there would be scars on his back. But, after Meher’s several pleads, he was forced to remove it. Meher was astonished to see so many red marks on his back.

“Sarbjeet ji, how did you get these marks? What are you hiding?” she asked.

Sarab tried his best to hide the moment he had dealt with the goons. But, Meher urged him to be honest.
At last, he narrated the incidents that he had dealt with outside the house throughout the day. He told how he went searching for a job, and he finally got one after changing his appearance. When he was returning home with the hard-earned money, some goons attacked him with rods and hard weapons. But, he somehow managed to save the money and fought back.

Meher cried immensely after listening to the incident and blamed herself for his state. Sarabjeet said, “You and our kids are my world. There is nothing bigger than you all.”

When Meher started massaging his back, they both started getting romantic. Despite so many challenges, their love remained fresh.

With the will to find her daughter, Kulwant kept an offer in front of everyone and said, “Whoever finds my daughter will get a reward of Rs 1 lakh?”

She even requested not to let the media know anything about Meher and her family. Bitu and Rana decide to find Meher and divide the reward money.

In the Gill mansion, Aditi shouted at her servant and asked why he was cooking continental food when she didn’t like it. Harleen came and replied on the servant’s behalf, “Till we don’t find Sarabjeet brother and Meher, we will distribute food among 100 poor people every day.”

Back in Meher’s house, Param started complaining about hunger. He asked his mother to cook faster as he was badly hungry. When Meher got food, he made a face by seeing khichdi. Meher said that the khichdi wasn’t an ordinary one. It was a magic khichdi. She, anyhow, managed to convince him to eat.

Param looked at the khichdi again and said, “Meher mother, this khichdi is so less. How will we all manage to satisfy our hungers with such scanty food?”

Meher stared at Sarabjeet and again looked at Param. She made an alibi and said she was already full. Sarabjeet, too said that he wasn’t hungry.

Meanwhile, in the Gill mansion, Aditi directed her servant to donate Rs 1 lakh as a charity in the name of her mother and said that her mother’s name should be recognized in this Gill mansion. Harleen came and directed the servant to donate Rs 5 lakh in the name of their mother and said that the Gill mansion belonged to Sarabjeet, and so their mother’s name will exist in the mansion forever.

After some time, Harleen went to Vikram and pleaded to him to help her in finding Meher and the entire family.
“Let’s forget all that had happened in the past. If you get any information about my brother, please inform me,” requested Harleen.

He replied, “Bonds are not based on profits and losses. I will surely find them.”

While Sarab and his family were enjoying eating dinner, Montu and his friends threw some rats in the house. Meher and Param started screaming and finally got rid of the rats. Param started saying that the rats had been left by the ghosts.

Suddenly, Meher heard some noise outside the house and went looking for the person who did all this. She even noticed the cage and confirmed that there was someone who was trying to create trouble for them.

With so many troubles created by Montu and his friends, will Meher finally find out the real ghosts of the house? Continue watching Choti Sardarni’s upcoming episodes to know further.