‘Ikkat’ Movie Review: A modern-day love story happened in Pandemic

Amazon Prime Video Kannada Film Ikkat, the prime showing July 21. Opens with three people in a house, looking for panic for something hiding on the wall. Nagabhushana and Bhoomi Shetty Played the role of the couple and a man in control. Of the pest are not named looking for spiders, a large-scale type usually which is found in the Amazon rainforests or in the fantastic beasts films.

The storyline of the movie:

Massive Spider has made a house in a tiny two-room apartment from Vasu (Nagabhushana) and Janvi (Bhoomi Shetty) for some unexplained reasons. Well, as long as spiders or how to enter the pair’s life are not the primary concern. Eight-legged creatures seem to be a kind of metaphor for problems in marriage.

The scene stipulates that there is a spider (wedding dispute) in that relationship. And no matter what they actualy do, the couple doesn’t seem to be able to get rid of it.

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The film is set for in the background of the first wave of the coronavirus. And the following covers of the blanket. Which carries the entire country to traffic jams. Vasu and Janvi, who pondered divorce, were forced to tolerate each other for the next 21 days. However, “spiders”, hiding in the wardrobe or under the bed, complicating things. A relatively far away with severe cough. Also appears on the door they are uninvited, adding a sticky situation.

Packed in clean humour: Ikkat. Rooted in how Bengaleans live, speak, eat, and entertain each other. Comedy comes from a partner’s struggle to overcome life during locking. The film seamlessly captures early paranoia. Made by the news channel, neighbours nosy, discomfort organizes uninvited guests. And silly things that people do to entertain themselves. Although not explicit, this film also reflects. How locking adds to the burden of women at home.

Ikkat is the first feature film by Esham and Haseen Khan filmmakers.

They previously conducted a web series called loose connections for the YouTube page, Sakkath Studio. It explains the episodic narrative force duo, which feels like you watch television during the day. The ikkat is an episode of 2 hours of husband and wife. Who tried very hard not to kill each other. But, it’s intelligent, funny and humorous.

We then saw how this forced unity, seasoned with a random appearance of uninvited guests. Changing the life of this simple middle class pair.

Pawan Kumar Studio and directed by Esham’s debutant and Haseen Khan. Ikkat, had a problem of sensitive divorce in essence and handled the event related to the film in the film.

The Board of Directors, who also wrote the story, and took the responsibility of editing, has issued a reliable subject. It’s exciting how they dissect the story into six episodes and showcase the life of the average middle class family.

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Although the execution is rather amateur, their vision turns and total points to have a light venous throughout the runtime. Total points to Nagabhushana and Bhoomi for giving a natural appearance that carries the entire film.

It is impressive how this debut actor understands the character’s core to give us a convincing depiction. However, I really cannot say the same thing. About the actor Veena Sundar and RJ Vikky, who went a little excessive.

On the technical side, work by Lavish cinematographer, unfortunately, not until the sign. Doss composer mode gives us some good songs, especially those about pandemics and family. Basically, Ikkat is not a bad film. But it’s not a good movie and falls somewhere in between. As a film that passes through the film.