Hindi Serial Naagin 5: Cast & Plot

Naagin’s all season has been the most undoubtedly popular shows watched by most people, which has the largest fan base.

Naagin 5 has come and already aired on 9th august with the best story plot based on all ongoing episodes so far. Popular characters like Hina Khan, Mohit Malhotra, Surbhi Chandra, and Mohit Sehgal put the four moons just in the show, which seems not to disappoint you.

However, Naagin 2 and Naagin 4 were not upto the mark and didn’t consider the best amongst all seasons, where Naagin 5 doesn’t seem to be like that.

Main Cast of Naagin 5:

Lead roles are those who keep the show on, and this happens with every show; in Naagin 5, batons are in the hand of Surbhi Chandna, Sharad Malhotra, and Mohit Sehgal while Hina khan, Dheeraj Dhoopar, and Mohit Malhotra have appeared as a guest.

Hina Khan played the role of Sarv Sreshta Adi Naagin as Naageshwari. Dheeraj Dhoopar as Aakesh has given the part of Cheel. Mohit Malhotra as Hriday in the role of Naageshwari’s love. Surbhi Chandana as Bani in the role of Naageshwari’s reborn.

Mohit Sehgal as jay Mathur played Hriday’s reborn and veer as cheel Aakesh’s reborn.

Whole Plot of Naagin 5:

It is all about the clever cheels and innocent naags who will turn to human forms based on the show’s scripts where it will be seen with lots of twists and turns with the intense theme.

Naagin is a fictitious show where Naags and Naagin will take rebirth after they die.

It is an old love story theme that majorly used to be shown in the nineties, but people barely get such a theme in today’s vogue. It is not right to say that it doesn’t exist. Although if it doesn’t, then maybe Naagin 5 would not have been the hit show. The popularity has been growing every season is commendable.

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Naagin’s show has been begun with the love story of Naageshwari (Naagin), and Hriday (Nag), who loves unconditionally each other ended up soon when Hriday (Nag) being killed by Aakesh (Cheel)

Aakesh was playing the negative role of cheel, who was so insecure for Naageshwari. His one-sided and intense love for Naageshwari came to an end when he got killed by the Naageshwari because Aakesh killed Naageshwari’s love Hriday.

At last, Naageshwari also killed herself.

The second plot of the story has been begun 40 years later with the rebirth of Naageshwari, Hriday, and Aakesh as Bani, Jay, and Veer, respectively, where the story has taken an exciting move than ever with time.

Here, Bani has a step-mother with Three-step daughters, who is so impressive and have a tremendous pleasing persona to other’s hearts. Veer is described as the son of a wealthy family, and Jay’s background has not been shown yet.

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The story’s plot was brilliant and has put the 10,000 years back love story successfully on a screen so far. The solid storyline with so many twists and turns will keep you hooked in upcoming episodes. The VFX has been used in the show is so impressive. The technology uses it by turning cheels and naags into human forms, and their fighting scene is remarkable.

Overall, a great T.V show with a good beginning will most likely grow as the story proceeds. It will make a place in your heart as their previous season does.