‘He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe’ Review: A CGI-animation reboot from ‘he-man’ is intended for children

Netflix’s brand new version of the He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe. It is not confused with Kevin Smith’s revived Masters Of The Universe: Revelation.

Which comes out on Netflix earlier this summer. While Revelation has a look and feel of the 1980s He-Man series and continues that story.

This version developed by Robert David reconsiders the Ethernia universe and tells how Prince Adam (Yuri Loventhal) became He. Person. And it focuses more on children than nostalgic middle-aged viewers.

Looking at the holographic watch, Cronis (Roger Craig Smith) wonders. When the “polite” he and Evelyn (Griffin Gray) sent to get the Gray Skull Sword will return.

In this CGI animated version, Eternia is more futuristic than medieval.

Tila (Kimberly Brooks) flies sensors over her head that help her find things she can’t see, and Evelyn somehow persuades her to get a sword for her.

He finds her and is followed by soldiers because of her troubles. He also heard a voice saying that the sword must not fall into Evelyn’s hands. When she saw Evelyn and Cronis were about to kill the pursuing soldiers, Thiela became a swindler and fled with the sword.

Meanwhile, Adam does his best to keep the rift from falling as he tries to save Kitty (Max Mitchell). His helmet mate Krasus (Judy Alice Lee), arrives and catches him.

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You must go to save uncle Kitty Kringer (David Kay). Who s captured again by poachers. Adam had always been a member of the tiger tribe; he didn’t know exactly where he came from.

When Thiela, who is still on the run from Evelyn, appears in Adam’s village. She is immediately thrown into a prison cell. Because the tribe is afraid of witches and witchcraft.

When Evelyn arrives, and her drone starts burning the village, Krasus, Kringer, Tila, and Adam fight her off. Tila gave Adam a sword to hold when he landed on a grenade that should have shackled anyone nearby. Adam discovers a sword in the sack, pulls it out. And immediately transforms him into He-Man as soon as he reads the title “By the power of Grayskull…”.

We were sceptical of this CGI version of He-Man;

Especially when we saw that the setting would be more sci-fi oriented and the show. That would aim at children (TV-Y7 rating). And while the CGI and futuristic setting didn’t seem like He-Man to us. It is only because we kept watching the 80s version of high school addiction. Therefore, this show can exist side by side with Wahyu; This show is for us parents and kids looking for something different in their show.

The CGI is relatively well done, certainly on par with Clone Wars and its sequels. Which are widely considered one of the best CGI animations on TV. But what impressed us, even more. It is how Robert David decided not to start. The Adam/He-Man storey from scratch. He didn’t know he had wings and had to figure it out. On how to use the sword’s power to take advantage of it. From the Gray Skeletons, after which he had to build his team. Getting this story from the start rather than assuming. Those young audiences know the cast and their skills helps build a new fan base.

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But he also writes shows with the complexity that many Y7 TV adventure shows have these days.

Everyone speaks in honest dialogue and has jokes and humour that kids and parents alike will appreciate. Much of the sophistication we see in this series is missing from the ’80s Filmation series. And is more on par with the recent DreamWorks She-Ra and Princesses of Power series. Writers today give children more credit for their intelligence than they do in our day, which shows in He-Man’s writings.

What the He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe versions lack. In nostalgia is more than made up. For by witty dialogue, good CGI. And its ability to rebuild the world of Ethernia. From scratch with an engaging storyline.