Hai Tauba Review: This generic anthology about the complexity of modern relations is Fest Snooze

Hai Taubba is an anthology of four floors about relationships that oppose the Convention. Black-brown brown, the first of four episodes, is about Ankit, a husband who can take duration to please his wife Mithila, even if it means inviting other men into his life. In another episode, black and white.

The focus shifted to the homos*xual amit arrested. Among the interests of his love, Nitin and a pooja girl, the match suggested by his grandmother.

Yellow yellow yellow dirty colleagues revolved around the mid-40-an Animesh man. Who had time to haunt it in the way that least expected it. Finale, young mustard, love. Tells the story of Sonal gathering courage to come out as a lesbian for his conservative family.

The Analysis & the review:

In contrast to the poor standards set by the web show that it generally flows in ALTBalaji. Hai Taubba seeks to tell a story and not only sell s*x – the achievement itself.

But that does not mean that shoemakers do work well. The show’s intention might be sincere even though his writing and acting are too amateur to be responded to seriously.

At least three of the four stories in the anthology are very no backward. There is absolutely no effort to maintain any authenticity element in its settings.

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The first episode title is called dark brown colour (the platform gives you a license to think dirty). It is not possible. The worst in the anthology here is the clarity of Zilch in the storytelling.

It suddenly shifted from the subplot of two childhood friends. Who was too close to becoming good friends and moved. Into a couple trapped in a wedding without love, but finally had a twist about their past. Narrative nonlinear has several surprises and offers rest to viewers in unreasonable stories.

The second episode revolves around homos*xuals that are closed, silly and boring:

It is the umpteenth time that the drama LGBTQ at a web event is about gay. That must deal with the expectations of heteronormative communities. Excessive narratives do not have the elasticity to exceed the one-liner premise.

Of the protagonist captured among the interests of his love and groom. Romance does not have fizz, and maintenance is mostly predictable.

If someone is forced to discuss anything that works even a little here. It is the end that makes a lump in your throat.

Yellow yellow yellow dirty colleagues, the second episode of the anthology. It has a storyline outdated 70s about a man. Who did not realize he would marry his father many years ago.

However, the episode remains coherent in terms of structure and sticks to the premise without a commotion. The screenplay is quite excited even though the dramatic climax is inappropriate.

The last story in the other anthology on the second episode lines (a girl came out as a lesbian). But with a happy end. Sensitivity calls on the LGBTQ community on the side. The messages about different cultural acceptance in a forced relationship extending into the story.

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There is nothing to pay attention to writing about the house in terms of the show – the stories.

Bad character to offer space for actors. Tuhlna Das is one of the better players in the first episode. While people like Gagan Mend, Sachin Khurana, Gau Ram and Paniar Bhakti.

Saved other episodes to some extent. This event has very few faces that can be recognized. Or Firebrand players to give meat before them. Some of the reasons you do not invest in shallow narratives.

The music department & more if all four stories have one redemption feature is the cinematography. His anthology is beautifully shot in a beautiful location. Throughout the country and attractive visually.

Of course, the love sequence has the roughness of someone with an el-grade film. But if you are typical of this streaming platform. It shouldn’t surprise you. The scenario does not have freedom, has a zero shock value, and has a very supple novelty in the story/storytelling.