Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu: Everything we know about the series

Time was the 1990s when Mumbai was ‘Bambai’, and a cruel gangster ruled the city. Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu transported you to that era. It displays the same old performance story between gangs, bloodshed, black marketing and cities that are all luxurious outside but have the lower abdomen run by politicians, police and gangsters.

Isn’t the majority of Bollywood gangster film serve us a similar plot

But don’t we watch everything? Where gangsters rise from dirt to rule the city and ‘Mehbooba’ becomes a muse? Even though Deja Vu, director Siddhartha Luther and Writer Suparn S Varma managed to attract attention and provide a web series watched. They began well by giving us a background with Tin Nawab / Hero (Parth Samthaan) travel to become ‘King Bambai’. He knows all game rules. His weapons were intelligence and intelligence. The enemy of his anger and weakness was a beautiful woman. But can Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu find it standing between several big gangster films? Based on only three first episodes, it will be a rush judgment.

The power of the web series is located in the actor parth samthaan, ‘Adarsh ​​Beta’ Basu, from the popular TV show Kasuti Zindagi Kii. The young star proved his versatility by adopting a gangster’s behaviour towards T. He wore a flower shirt and shook his long hair and a rough look. He quickly rises and gets rich. The head of the crime branch who left after the Nawab and his gang, Kadam, was played by Ankit Gupta actor, worth it too.

Dialogue may sound familiar, but it doesn’t hurt when they add ‘masala’ essential to the web series and bring a smile to your face. His narrative is the Pacier and Full Fotmy. The makers have also added the order of songs and dances; Mandatory material from the Hindi gangster saga. However, the background score will boom after a while.

Overall, the Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu starts well and pleasantly:

But with the similarity in the storytelling device, will it be by the challenge of bringing freshness to this excessive Hindi cinema genre? It still has to be seen.

We will see The departure of his romantic avatar, actor part of Samthaitan next as Don world Don in Altbiaji who will come the Mai Hero Raha Hu series. Streamer on Monday launched a new clip from the action drama on Instagram who suggested the battle between two Gangsters – Parth’s Nawab and Lala, played by Arslan Goni – to become the ruler of Mumbai.

The clip starts with a gangster in Mumbai (Arslan Goni) who was impressed with Rookie Nawab, played by Parth Samthaan, and taught him to trade tricks. When the story continues, Nawab becomes more prominent and more robust, pose a threat to Lala. However, the actual bones arrived in the future when they both fell in love with the same girl (Patralmaa).

The trailer has upbeat background music that gives the nuances of entertaining gangster drama. This will remind the film viewers once at Mumbai. Also, a brief glimpse of the action scene promised an exciting sensation on the show. Parth Samthaitan also looks great like Nawab, Gangster. His attitude, expression, and the delivery of his dialogue all emitted strength established it in a charming role of gangsters. Arslan Goni was also seen as extraordinary, like Lala envy. He also has given great expressions and dialogue delivery.