Gone for Good Review: Harlan Coben’s adaptation of a man who is looking for his lost girlfriend

A buckling shot from the boat anchored in the French Riviera. When we shifted to a large pool overlooking the beach, said Graphic “Good, June 2010.” Two sisters, one in their 20s and elementary school age, dancing in the yard wearing a formal dress.

Next to, Guillaume Lucchesi (Finnegan Oldfield) was in his room in his parents’ plantation:

He saw the older girl, Sonia (Garance Angry), with some longing. His brother Fred Fred (Nicolas Duvachelle) told him to forget Sonia because he was an idiot to break up with him.

That night, in his room, Guillaume heard gunshots. He ran out and saw Fred chased by a man shooting him; He went to the pool behind Sonia’s house to see his lifeless body floating there. We also saw Fred chased by The Gunman, who finally took him when Fred reached a high dock on the beach; Fred falls in the water.

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On this day, Guillaume was in bed in a beautiful apartment overlooking Nice. It was late at night, and his girlfriend Judith (Nailia Harzoune) came to his jeans.

They both worked as caseworkers in an organization that helped the risky young man, and he said he worked overtime and fell when he tried to cut the park. Guillaume has other things that need to be worried about: his mother’s funeral is the next day.

At the funeral, I called Judith for a case. Before he left, he asked him to marry him, and he said, “I’m yours.” He went crying and texted him, “I will always love you.” He didn’t think anything until he returned to his flat the next day and saw most of his belongings disappeared. He was confused; He said he loved him. Why did he leave?

When he went to the youth centre to ask his friend and boss Da Costa (Guillaume Goix) about it:

Costa told him that no such case appeared. Guillaume blinked back to 2017, the first day of Judith at work and the day they met.

Costa wants him to overshadow Guillaume for his case, but he doubts that the woman gather well has the mental toughness to work with children whose lives are pretty chaotic.

In his efforts to prove that he could take it, he finally captured them both. He had what looked like a severe asthma attack at the police station, which finally finished himself.

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Back to the present, Guillaume and Costa knew that Judith went to see someone a day before the day of funeral, then fell to the ground as he ran, spilling the money in his bag. At this point, Guillaume doesn’t know where Judith is or what it has. Then the police appeared at the door with shocking news.

For this adaptation passed well, the creator of Vincent Poymiro and Pauline Guéna put the action at good instead of different French cities, and we thought it was possible for several reasons.

One, the scenery in the incredible riviera. But Good also has a crime problem where institutional racism towards the people is not hidden at all. Adding the two elements to what makes the mystery of Coben quite dense making thriller films that can enter various directions.

This shows deviations from the ordinary streaming Mystery series:

And even some other coken adaptation. One of them is what happened to Judith and what Guillaume knew about his life before they started dating? And, two, what happened to his brother Fred? In some cases. Will unite the two mysteries. Given that the series is limited to only five episodes, we think both will be connected faster than later.

However, the first episode gave us most of the introduction to Guillaume and Judith’s relationship. Leap times are generally appropriately handled, but it also seems to jump back to the 2010 incident and other periods. How the event managed to keep them straight without confusing viewers to keep an eye on.

But for now, so far, it’s perfect, from Oldfield’s solid shows and Harzoune for a story that became very interesting, very fast.

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Gone For Good has a solid mystery, good acting, and quality writing. It’s about as a solid show as an adaptation of Coben Netflix, and in this case, sturdy is a good thing.