‘Girgit’ Review: This star from Nakul Sahdev and Tania Kalra will give you a thrill but in pieces

Since the release of the trailer for the Grigit web series, fans have been looking forward to the show. Which promises a fantastic story with lots of twists and turns and a great show. It shows the stars Roshan Sahdev, Tania Kalra, Ashmita Jagi, Trupti Hamkar and Samar Vermani. The show is finally out, and here is the full review of the show.

The premise of the show relates to the missing case of Janvi, Ranbir’s wife.

And how there are sequential events related to each other. What happened to Janvi and how this story is related to other parallel stories.

Speaking of web series scripts, very quickly, viewers can get confused between flashbacks and actual scenes. On the other hand, the direction given by Santos Sheti is quite good. But special mention was made of the places covered, which were beautifully displayed on the show.

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Talking about the show, actor Nakul Roshan Sahdev is fun to watch. This actor managed to catch your attention with his acting changes. We will see the nuances of actress Tania Kalra, who manages to be one of the headaches of the show. On the other hand, Ashmita Jaggi is doing well. Actress Trupti Hamkar’s performance was unsuccessful, but Samar Vermani did quite well as a cop on the show.

The positive point of this series is the fast script that will never let you get bored. A special mention of BGM running throughout the show is sure to increase your visibility. As previously mentioned, the venues covered in the show were amazing and fun to see. It’s great to see the performance presented by Nakul. The actor is shown in an avatar like never before.

Speaking of the show’s negative moments:

As mentioned, the script of the show is speedy, but at the same time, confusing. The performance of actors other than Nakul fell. The dialogue given by each character is very average. While in a thriller series like this, we expect better dialogue writing. As the series progresses, he lacks faith and often fails to connect with the show. Even intimate scenes look strong in many places. The show makes you shudder but to pieces.

At first, the plot revolved around three parallel stories. The police were investigating the case of Janhvi’s disappearance, Ranbir’s engagement to Avantika and the petty thief. They became Chamoli and Mahi’s, lovers. However, a simple story stretches so far that it becomes complex over time. Plus, too many subplots and weird erotic scenes hinder the flow of this thriller. Overall, the concept could be interesting on paper, but the performance is poor. And the poor editing (by Shlok Bhandari) also feels embarrassing.

Shelley Sharma’s cinematography perfectly captures the beautiful locations of Shimla and Manali. Bharatt Saurabh’s background music is no exception, but it goes well with the story.

Ranbir and Janhvi, played by Nakul Roshan Sahdev and Tania Kalra, have identical characteristics. Both admit that they are addicted to each other, and the same is passed on to viewers. Ashmita Jagi, as Avantika says she doesn’t want to be the third wheel in Ranbir’s life. But that’s who she is on the show.

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Trupti Hamkar was a real surprise.

Your twisted personality is innocent and vulnerable. His unconditional love for Chamoli always results in someone to worship. Inspector Ratod Samar Vermani’s character is more dialogue than serious police work.

In short, “Girgit” is a thriller with a detective story. In which different characters constantly change their colours to achieve their evil goals. So if you prefer serious crime novels. You may not like this thriller. But if you are looking for frivolous entertainment, this is a great one-off watch.