Emmy Winner Patriot Act Cancelled after Six Seasons by Netflix

Hasan Minhaj confirms that his satirical show “Patriot Act” is not returning for the seventh season. The sixth, and now final, season of the show had to carry on production remotely amid coronavirus concerns. The last episode of the final season aired on 28th June 2020. It is indeed an emotional time for Hasan who dedicated two years of his life to build the Emmy Award-winning show. Hasan also became a part of Time Magazine’s list of “The 100 Most Influential People of 2019” because of this fantastic show. Hassan was very emotional in his tweet that broke the news of the Patriot Act’s discontinuation. 

Minhaj’s Patriot Act is one of the rare breed of successful shows by a person of color. He used witty comments and remarks to discuss the latest events happening around us. Hasan touched many sensitive issues that often mirrored the thoughts of people from SouthEast Asia. He was more like a voice for Asian people in America. He earned accolades worldwide for all the efforts he made to reach the top. Netflix didn’t release any official statement to explain why the show will discontinue its broadcast. However, it is a well-known habit of web streaming giant though to cancel shows without any particular explanation.

In his 40 episodes, though, Hasan Minhaj touched a lot of sensitive topics that often made his audience develop a thinking attitude. The audience will remain the show for giving a unique identity to issues of the South Asian community. In the final season, he urged the South Asians to address anti-black sentiments in their families. Let’s hope that the Peabody Awards winning show will come back in the future in some form on Netflix or any other streaming service. Meanwhile, the fans of the Patriot Act will surely miss the musings of witty Hasan Minhaj.



Hasan Minhaj’s tweet confirms the news of the cancellation. His tweet explains how the show was gradually changing his world positively. The emotional effects of the series are evident from Hasan’s words. For the viewers also, this news is a sad one because they were waiting for the Patriot Act to feature the upcoming election season. Hopefully, Hasan Minhaj will deliver his insight on his YouTube channel and keep the viewership alive.

Last year, Peabody Awards were very supportive of the show’s role in engaging the youth in the political affairs of the country. Patriot Act also met with some criticism in recent years, and there was a reshuffling of staff. But the love of the audience was ever-growing for the show. Therefore, the cancellation is a surprise for many. Most of the loyal viewers are hoping that Hasan will come up with an alternative soon. If he decides to restart, it will be exciting to watch his amusing commentary on the events of upcoming elections.