Dikkiloona Review: Santhanam needs to return to time, cancel this sexist comedy

Like many before, the origin of the word dikkiloona is cinematic. The first widespread use of the word goes back to Shankar’s directorial debut “Gentleman”. In the 1993 film, Bablo, played by legendary comedian Sentil, introduces us to a rather naughty game called Dikkiloona.

In this game, two players run towards each other while they both collide from back to front. His back is called “wild” in colloquial Tamil. Ergo, the name of the game is Dikkiloona.

And you might be wondering why Kartik Yogi decided to name his last movie after this pointless game?

People who have seen the film may argue that the title justifies the film’s ridiculous nature. In defence of Kartik, the film’s protagonist, Manny (played by Santanam), trips over the time machine by opening the trunk (pronounced “dikki”) of the old ambassador’s car, which appears to be embossed with Dikkiloona.

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Dikkie is a fake door to a secret laboratory where a group of scientists who want to pretend to be a bunch of morons struggle to solve the formula for building a time machine. They have been doing it for years but to no avail.

Manny’s unexpected visit to the lab changes everything. After several pointless jokes marked by insults to the Santaman trademark, Manny meets his childhood friend Albert (Yogi Babu) in the laboratory. Albert causes an accident that causes a surge in energy. The accident started a rusty time machine, the first breakthrough in decades.

But scientists must quickly enter the formula into the system to stop the time machine from exploding. While everyone was scratching their heads. Albert, electrocuted, woke up and offered the formula to save the time machine. The school graduate, who grew up as a cleaning lady, miraculously wins Albert Einstein’s IQ by surprise.

Albert’s newfound genius which allows the men to travel through the fabric of time.

Manny plays with Albert on his friendship card, searching for service to take him back to 2020, seven years before the current events. Manny wants to keep his former self from marrying his girlfriend Priya (Anaga) to escape his current marriage hell. The hero runs back (in time) as a participant in Dikkiloona.

This is a ridiculous film that is only meant to tickle our funny bones. Laugh if you can, forget about it and move on. Dikkiloona does not add value to your life, does not try to touch you or challenge your worldview.

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Kartik Yogi and Santanam want to make the audience laugh. So much so that they resort to shyness, naming, insults to mentally ill people and even engage in overt s*xism.

Manny wants to change the past because Priya has become a picky woman and can’t take it anymore. But he didn’t think for a moment why was she so mad at him? Because he lied to her and didn’t understand her plight, he is a self-centred female hater and, instead of thinking about himself, wants to go back in time and end his marriage to Priya.

Now Megna (Shirin Kanchvala), Priya’s boyfriend, is in an unhappy marriage that ends in divorce.

He openly expresses interest in Manny and asks him to drop Priya and marry her. Manny is wrong about this because he doesn’t understand Megna’s marital status somewhere deep in his shallow mind. She had been living with the another man for seven years, and she couldn’t stand it.

So Manny wants to travel back in time to stop his marriage. To Priya and win Megna’s affections before she gets married.

He managed to change the past. Manny is surprised to know that he is also dissatisfied with Megna. The question is simply that he manipulates time, which doesn’t automatically make him an attractive person. She is still indifferent, whining, and s*xist.

But instead of focusing on Manny’s shortcomings, Kartik turned his attention to Megna. If Priya is too picky, she describes Megna as a loose character. Why is that? Because she is crazy about social media and has male friends.

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And guess what, his male friends deserve the scorn of Manny and everyone else who is as traditionally intelligent and handsome as Manny. Why do you ask? Because Megna’s close friend has a haircut and body that requires judgment and ridicule.