Dealer Season 2: Announced or canceled? Controversies rolling for the series

Initially titled ‘Caind,’ ‘Dealer’ is the found-footage crime series based on the eponymous 2017 film. Located in the city of Martigues, this series follows two filmmakers, Franck and Thomas.

They infiltrated a dangerous environment to film music videos for unexpected Druglord who tried to enter the world of rap music. But leaving things to get worse when they were arrested. Especially being in a shootout between two gangs.

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About the show Dealer Season 2:

Ange Basterga and Nicolas Lopez are the creators of the series. The thrilling addition to French content in Prime Netflix in March 2021.

The fast with short episodes makes the gripped watch, and the found-footage element adds another close layer of excitement. Imitate reality. After passing the first season, fans had to wonder if there was more to the series. This is what we know!

If Sobhraj managed to escape prison or somehow released, then a premise will occur for the Snake season 2. Netflix can also take an anthological approach and focus on an entirely different criminal, but it seems impossible because of the specific subject.

Connection to the title. According to the 2018 report (through Rediff), Sobhraj has undergone several open-heart operations, so it seems as if the situation will change soon.

Dealer Season 2 Release Date

Season ‘Dealer‘ 1 Perdana on March 10, 2021, on Netflix. The first season has ten episodes with a runtime of 8-15 minutes each.

About season 2, this is what we have. Season 2 has no official confirmations and announcements. The updates of the event or cancellation for the second term. It is important to note that the ‘dealer’ is billed as a miniseries.

This means that the storyline has been intended to be packaged for just one season. However, go with how well the non-English crime series like ‘Lupine’ and ‘money briefing’ have been carried out globally, it is reasonable to have high hopes for ‘dealers.’

It’s not a strange thing for the miniseries to turn into an anthological show, the case at that time ‘sinners’ and ‘a big little lie.’

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If the creators come with something, ‘dealers’ can continue by bringing us raw and sandy stories from underbelly from South France.

Knowing that the show did not take a long time for the film (the first season was filmed in four days). If we ordered the second installment at the end of summer, we could get another season in 2021. Therefore, if everything works, we can hopefully ‘dealers’ season 2 to release around 2021.

Dealer Season 2 Cast: Who is expected to be in it?

Franck (Sébastien Huubani) and Thomas (Julien Meurice) are two filmmakers who work on music videos for Tony (Abdramane Diakite).

Another essential character in the first season was Moussa (Mohamed Boudouh). Also starring, Steve (Idir Azougli), and MAGS (Abdillah Assoamani).

If the show runs forward as an anthological series, we can see the new actor’s members describe an entirely new set of characters. Some members of the original actor can also return to play different characters.

Dealer Season 2 Plot: What will be Season 2 all about?

At the end of season 1, the gang war increases to a dangerous point. All that Franck and Thomas have recorded. They are landed in trouble.

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While Moussa convinced Tony to shoot them, Steve shot Moussa. As soon as the bullet began to shoot, Steve, Thomas, and MArs were shot. Franck escaped when he left the camera behind when the battery died. The police arrived and arrested Tony along with Steve’s troops.