Dance of the 41 Review: A drama about a strange dance that shook the 20th century Mexican community

Ignacio de la Torre (Alfonso Herrera) is Marrying Amada Díaz (Mabel Cadena), Putri Mexico President Porfirio Díaz (Fernando Becerril). Ignacio’s career increased, and with luck, his new status as the President-in-law would help push him into the new area. When his marriage began, and his career flew, Ignacio also fell in love – with another man.

Ignacio brought Evaristo Rivas (Emiliano Zurita) into a fold with a strange group of men. Who met regularly to party, having s*

x. And also entertaining each other. Meanwhile, at first, it looked as if Ignacio. It might be able to maintain his life. He was increasing suspicion and lurking from his wife, Amanda. Who did not hesitate to involve his father and brother when he was not happy.

To produce a distinctive life exposed, even if only to him for now.

The blocked between an angry wife. A career, and a particular lover, the struggle of Ignacio to understand the world and the future. He kept meeting a group of 42, but in the end, the party stopped squeaky. A police attack on a particular ball (where many people in obstacles) see their members. Even from echelons over the community – named and humiliated in public, with one exception: Ignacio. He might be separated from the worst punishment. It thanks to his father-in-law’s status. But aftershocks from this event and missing friends might change his life – and the history of Mexico – forever.

At the beginning of the 20th century. But messages in Dance of the 41 feel very contemporary. This is the story that happened 120 years ago. But the depiction of how the LGBTQ + community. It is treated and called by others fully resonated. These are people who feel they have to hide from the world to find their true happiness. Which are really forced to create a family. With people who don’t like and wear a face to see everyone. Some more moving movies are not from central beaches. But from group men wearing dresses and jewellery and wearing shows. Eyes fill with tears when they express themselves freely – even if only for a moment.

Dance of the 41 is not afraid to enter into sexy things but never feel exploitative or haphazard.

All s*x scenes and nudity feel in line with the rest of the film and messaging. By combining to make an unforgettable drama. The naked body is there for titillating; Like every other shot in the film, it feels aimed. And essential to telling a bigger story in the film’s core. Director David Pablos tells this story with beautiful complexity, balancing homophobia, chauvinism, and misogyny easily. Amada may be something of a criminal in Ignacio’s story. But he also became a victim on his right. And the film did not avoid it touching this more delicate subject.

Dance of the 41” is said to have been the first time. Homos*xuality is seen in Mexico. I admit that I don’t know anything about this historical event. Before the film but a feeling. Of being inspired to dig deeper. And understand how Seminati is really. The 41 dance feels like a film that is mainly on time, and besides being a drama that affects thoroughly, the possibility will also educate viewers.

With its beautiful production design, the show is fantastic, and important stories, 41 dances can easily stand next to some of our most prestigious historical dramas.

The talented ensemble is what makes the 41 dance very impressive, but it’s Emiliano Zurita’s turn as Evaristo – or “Eva”, as Ignacio lovingly refers to him – heartbreaking. This type of performance sneaks on you, such as flower buds slowly open before your eyes. The presence of the Zurita screen is calm and emotional. Gently steal our hearts just as he stole Ignacio. He didn’t have many things to say, but there was so much that happened behind the eyes. Witnessed him play Eva immediately drove me to check what other work he did.